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Mustard Three Ways July 31, 2015

I recently discovered the best hot dog I’ve ever had, the Texas Dogs from Salt and Time Butcher Shop.  Unfortunately, on the day I made this magic dog discovery, I also discovered that I was out of mustard.  So, I decided to embark upon a mustard making weekend.

I found a compilation of different recipes on a blog I refer to for lots of my canning inspirations, Punk Domestics.

I settled on three recipes, Dijon Mustard, Honey Bourbon Mustard and Imperial IPA Mustard.    The recipes all call for mustard seeds, brown and/or yellow or a mixture, apple cider vinegar, wine and or beer, and all required soaking for 24 hours or more for the seeds to absorb the liquid.  So I started on a Friday, doubling each recipe and measuring out all of the ingredients into three large jars with lids.  (Go big or go home, right?)




After the 24 hour soak, all of the liquids were absorbed, so I decided to go ahead and finish them.

Each one got the same treatment, adding additional ingredients for 2 of them, then blending in the Vitamix, then cooking down to the desired consistency.  I like my mustards smooth, so there really aren’t any detectable seeds left.



The only one of the recipes that I tweeked, was the Honey Bourbon Mustard, to which I added a little Bourbon Maple Syrup in place of some of the honey.  The flavor profiles sounded good, I’m happy with the result.

Each of these recipes is safe for water bath canning, and each processes for just 5 minutes.


I’m very pleased with each of these recipes and would make them all again.  It looks like I won’t have to for a while.  It’s fun to have extra to share along with my recommendation of the Salt and Time Texas Dog.


5 Responses to “Mustard Three Ways”

  1. oneoklock Says:

    You always make it seem so simple…and that is so inspiring! You’ve brought canning back in to the realm of “normal things to do.” Thanks!

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