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The Great Corn Experiment of 2012 a/k/a Carla Tries to Grow Corn Again March 6, 2012

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I have had little to no success at growing corn.  The first try, for which I ripped out landscaping and build an 3’x8’x12″ raised bed under my bedroom window, (so I could watch it swaying in the breeze from bed,) yielded several 4 inch ears, clearly, not to their full potential.  Nonetheless, I was overjoyed with the result which tasted delicious.

The next try, I planted corn as part of a Three Sisters Garden, became invested with ants, and was a total failure.

In an effort to remain the butt of my friend Christian’s tiny corn jokes, I’m trying again.  This time, with a dedicated bed, placed in the most full sun I have, and trying several varieties.  I’m also planting really early, taking a risk but hoping to ward off bugs which come in the heat.

I don’t use our business inventory during this time of year, and am out of damaged product, so I’m using wood.  First off, I purchased two 2″x10’x8″ planks of untreated lumber, from Lowe’s and had them cut two feet off of each.  I also bought some long screws.  Total sale was $15.76.  Then I, very unhandily, built the beds, stripping screws and leaving them not very secure.  Hopefully I can persuade someone to add some reinforcements later, but I was in a hurry ahead of the “rain event” on the way.  The end result was a 2×8 bed.  I had leftover soil in the trailer from recent garden installations, and used that to fill the bed.

In the Northern end, I planted 12 seeds of Sweet Early Casino corn.  In the middle, 9 seeds of Peaches & Cream and on the Southern end 9 seeds of Kandy Corn.  So, if all goes well, I’ll have 30 stalks of corn, that (fingers crossed) will yield full sized ears of corn.

I’ll keep you posted.