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Union Square Cafe Bar Nuts December 14, 2014

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This time of year, when we are entertaining, large parties, small get togethers, whatever the occasion, I recommend these bar nuts, which originated at Union Square Cafe in New York.   The recipe came to me from Nigella Lawson’s cookbook How to Be A Domestic Goddess.  It has been reproduced a lot.  Here it is from Saveur.

So, you pick out whatever nuts you want to use – this time I used pecans, whole almonds, and cashews.  I really like walnuts and brazil nuts in it too, but they just weren’t available at the small store I shopped at.

Simply roast the nuts until they are lightly brown.  It is too easy to scorch them, so keep an eye on them.




Garden Rosemary

Garden Rosemary


Mix the butter, cayenne, brown sugar, salt and chopped rosemary in a sauce pan, and melt it until the sugar is dissolved.  This time around, I used Springdale Farm’s smoked pepper mix, in place of the cayenne, and it added a wonderful smokey flavor.

Toss it all together and serve warm, if possible.  If I’m having a few people over, I make extra of this recipe so that I can send some home with people in a ziplock baggie.  They will thank you for that.  Slightly sweet, slightly salty, slightly spicy, buttery, herby goodness.




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