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Anjore Supper Club July 16, 2014

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Anjore Supper Club was founded about 6 months ago, by Deepa Shridhar, to showcase the cuisine of her family heritage.  Anjore is both Deepa’s surname and a region in India, where much of the cuisine she cooks and teaches is based.  She offers dinners, and hands on instructional classes which include meals, at various locales around Austin.  Deepa will soon be showcasing her ghee, yogurt and other Indian pantry staples at one of Austin’s farmer’s markets.  Having worked locally at both Lenoir and Dai Due, Deepa is committed to utilizing local, sustainable sources and practices in her cooking and products.

I have attended two of her dinners, the first a Biryani dinner and the second, a duck dinner.

I didn’t take any pictures at the first, so this post is mostly about the duck dinner.

The first course, was a Yellow Tomato Granita, with Basil and house made Paneer.

Yellow Tomato Granita

Yellow Tomato Granita

The second course, being plated below, was wood oven grilled Naan, Liver, Duck Blood Sambal, and Greens.  The Sambal was very spicy and delicious in combination with the Naan, liver and greens.

Deepha Plating

Deepa Plating


Naan, Liver, Greens

Naan, Liver, Greens

The ducks were roasted with Duck Fat Ghee in a wood fired oven.  Deepa renders all of the fats she uses in her cooking.  The duck was accompanied by potatoes, also cooked in duck fat in the wood oven.  (Initially, I was bummed that the amazing aromatic rice I had at the Biryani Dinner wasn’t on the menu, but quickly forgot all about it when the duck fat potatoes arrived.)

IMG_0076Also on the menu, were Yogurt and Cucumbers and Roasted Eggplant.




For dessert, we had Cardamom Duck Egg Rice Pudding, with Jaggery Brulee, a perfect, not-too-sweet end to and otherwise rich and delicious meal.  (Sorry for the odd photo)

Rice Pudding

Rice Pudding

Next up for Anjore is a Yogurt, Ghee and Spices Class, this Sunday, 7/20/14, which includes a light brunch.  As of today, there are still a couple of spots available.   For more on this exciting new foodie business, check the website, and also her Facebook page  



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