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My New Favorite Winter Soup – Green Chile Chicken February 6, 2014

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I have gotten into the habit of roasting a whole chicken on Sunday evening for Sunday supper, and for an easy go to meal in the fridge during the week.  I pick up my Dai Due order at their kitchen on Friday, and always get a Dewberry Hills Farm hen which they have brined and treated, either with a marinade or with butter and herbs under the skin.  They are smallish birds, but delicious, and enough for four meals for me.  And after I have accumulated the bones from a few in the freezer, along with odds and ends of vegetables, I make stock.  It is my opinion that a rich, delicious stock is the foundation for many wonderful things.

While digging through the usually over crowded chest freezer in the garage, I noticed bag upon bag of roasted green Hatch chiles, which I had gotten during the chile season in the late Summer.  And so, this soup came to be.

First, I cleaned two, half pound bags of Hatch chiles.

Cleaned Green Chiles

Cleaned Green Chiles

I put half of these back into the freezer for another day.  My soup ratio is 1 Quart Chicken Stock, 1/2 pound chiles.



I keep my stock in the freezer, and just take one out the morning I’m going to need it.  I let the chiles simmer in the stock while I cut up one leftover chicken breast, some garden cilantro, and some avocado.  I also grated some Dos Lunas Especial cheese for garnish.

Chicken, Avocado, Cheese, Cilantro

Chicken, Avocado, Cheese, Cilantro

Once the stock is bubbling away, and infused with chile flavor, I take it off the stove and use the immersion blender to puree the chiles.  You could use a blender, Vitamix, or whatever.  Because this is more soup that I want to eat for dinner, I pour half of the mixture back into the quart jar for another day,  and put the chicken into the soup to heat it up.  It’s already roasted from Sunday night, so I just want it hot.  Once hot, I pour it into the bowl, then garnish with avocado, cheese and cilantro.  A squeeze of lime would be nice too, but I don’t have any.

Green Chile Chicken Soup

Green Chile Chicken Soup

This is the perfect meal for me, because it is spicy from the chiles (I get the hot ones), filled with Vitamin C to ward off winter colds, and with the chicken and avocado is hearty enough for a filling meal.  Since I already have a freezer full of stock, and the chicken is already roasted, it is very quick to pull this soup together.  And I have another one teed up in the fridge now.

You could vary this soup by dicing potatoes and cooking those in the stock first, using pork or beef in place of the chicken, adding other vegetables, sour cream, creme fraiche, or whatever.  It’s just so quick and easy and delicious, I’m enjoying it often.  I will be sad when my stash of Hatch chiles is gone.  Fortunately, I hoarded them, so I have more to work through.

I have grown several varieties of green chiles, similar to those grown in Hatch New Mexico.  Somehow the flavor just isn’t the same as these, which make their appearance around Austin in the late Summer.  I have ordered some New Mexico peppers seeds, and will keep trying to duplicate this amazing pepper flavor, but if not, I’ll stock my freezer again with already fire-roasted peppers from Central Market, once they appear again.

Stay warm! Eat some soup.


7 Responses to “My New Favorite Winter Soup – Green Chile Chicken”

  1. aneelee Says:

    i love how simply your soup broth comes together. I may try to simmer chiles in my homemade stock (veggie of course) and see what works best as add ins! awesome!

  2. Joy Says:

    I buy a couple of Dewberry Hills Farms chickens each month at the SFC Farmers market at Sunset Valley. I’ll never buy a grocery store chicken again. I love knowing the folks who grow/ raise our food. Must try your soup soon. Stay warm.

  3. Carl Crownover Says:

    Sounds yummy!

  4. Mary Jenkins Says:

    Those chiles are beautiful!

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