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Hank Shaw Book Tour Dinner January 28, 2014

Hank Shaw, wild food advocate, hunter and forager is the author of Hunt, Gather, Cook and now, Duck, Duck, Goose, and popular food website, Hunter, Angler, Gardener, Cook.  Shaw ended his months long book tour in Austin, last night, with a dinner hosted by  Foreign & Domestic, with Ned Elliott and Jesse Griffiths, of Dai Due.  I attended the first seating.

The first course, prepared by Ned Elliott, was Poached Breast of Muscovy Duck, with Pickled Hearts, Beets & Rutabaga Sauerkraut.

Poached Duck Breast with Rutabaga Sauerkraut

Poached Duck Breast with Rutabaga Sauerkraut

As I watched the dish being plated, I was thinking that looked like a lot of Rutabaga Sauerkraut, which I wasn’t sure I would like.  On the contrary, it was amazingly complex, not at all sour, and actually quite delicious and buttery.   Ned always does amazing things with vegetables.

The second course was prepared by Hank Shaw – Ganseklein, a German Sweet n Sour Giblet Soup with Scorn Spaetzle.  The soup was very Earthy and hearty.  My picture doesn’t do it justice.



The third course, by Jesse Griffiths and Chase Cole, of Dai Due, was Muscovy Duck Kasekrainer, with Sprouted Wheat Pilaf, Pickled Mushrooms, Daikon & Mailbock Mustard.  I’ve always loved Kasekrainer, and finely ground sausage with chunks of Mill-King cheese curds, and this Duck variety was delicious.

Duck Kasekrainer

Duck Kasekrainer

Dessert was Duck Fat Cornbread, with Duck Egg Ice Cream, Pickled Cherries, Roasted Fruit, & Sea Buckthorn prepared by Ned Elliott.  Not being a fan of really sweet desserts, I loved the cornbread, and the ice cream was really rich and delicious.  I was dining with friends Houston and Stephanie, Austin’s own award winning jamstress, and she was curious about the Sea Buckthorn, so Ned brought her a spoonful.  We tasted it, and it was slightly familiar, yet different from anything.  Stephanie compared it mostly to tamarind, which I would not have figured out.  When spooned over the cornbread, it added a tart and  slightly sweet flavor that blended well with the roasted fruit, and creamy ice cream that was a perfect end to a delicious duck dinner.

Duck Fat Cornbread, with Duck Egg Ice Cream, Roasted Fruit

Duck Fat Cornbread, with Duck Egg Ice Cream, Roasted Fruit

I’m looking forward to reading my new cookbook, and hopefully cooking more wild game.   There are lots of recipes for duck eggs as well, which are available locally at Springdale Farm and Countryside Farm.


One Response to “Hank Shaw Book Tour Dinner”

  1. stephanie Says:

    this was such a fabulous meal – thanks for inviting us!

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