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My New Favorite Cut of Beef – Bavette September 19, 2013

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Sometime in the last couple of months, I learned about a cut of beef that I was unfamiliar with – Bavette.  Several weeks ago, I procured a couple of Bavette steaks from Salt and Time Butcher Shop.    It has been so hot out, I haven’t felt like tending to a hot grill or smoker, so I wanted something that I could quickly sear on high heat for a short amount of time, then be done.



It has become my new favorite cut, because it is tender, delicious, and easy to prepare.  I’ve grilled it and cooked in on the stove in cast iron.  I like to marinate it in garlic and lime juice, with salt and pepper.

Last night, I opted for the cast iron method – really hot skillet, lightly oiled.   This cut is so tender, its is a bit of a challenge to test for doneness, but it came out just like I like, medium rare.  It is very important to let it rest.

As it was resting, we were preparing non-GMO corn tortillas to make fajitas.  A homemade corn tortilla bares little resemblance to a store bought one, and the flavor and texture can barely even be compared.  We sliced the bavette up, and ate it with some avocado, also treated with a bit of lime juice and salt, on the tortillas, with some Rancho Gordo black beans.  Very simple, but tasty dinner.

Recently, I was excited to find Bavette on the menu at Foreign and Domestic.  Their version is first cooked sous vide, then fired in a cast iron pan, and topped with all manner of goodness.  It was delicious.

Bavette at Foreign and Domestic

Bavette at Foreign and Domestic

There are a couple other cuts of that are unfamiliar to me, and that I’d like to try, but for now, I’m pretty much just stuck on Bavette.  It is that good.


2 Responses to “My New Favorite Cut of Beef – Bavette”

  1. Rachel Says:

    So pretty… hungry NOW!! Mmmmm!

  2. Me too Rachel. And I’m out of Bavette!

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