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Starting Fresh for the Fall Garden September 6, 2013

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In August my garden was full of peppers and melons.  Then, the first week of August my dad had a heart attack, and then open heart surgery.  I tried to keep my garden watered during that time, but it was too much, so I eventually just let it go.   Now things are better, Dad is recovering, and I’m able to think about gardening again, just in time for planting the Fall Garden.  Last weekend, I got busy,  cleared every thing out of the side beds and amended the soil.

Then,  I had drip irrigation installed in the side beds, which is tied to my sprinkler system.  This will be much more water efficient, not to mention time saving.


I’ve been collecting and babying cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli transplants, as well as a couple of tomatoes, but its too hot yet to plant them, so they remain on the patio in their pots under the shade of a big pecan tree.

I’ve got seeds ready to go this weekend, carrots, radishes, lots of lettuces and more broccoli.  I stagger broccoli transplants and seeds to ensure a steady stream of broccoli.    I may even plant some potatoes.  Homegrown potatoes are amazing for Thanksgiving.  Fall is absolutely my favorite time to garden, even more than Spring.


4 Responses to “Starting Fresh for the Fall Garden”

  1. Kate S. Says:

    Sorry to hear about your dad! Glad things are on the mend.

  2. Joy Says:

    I lust after these types of beautifully build raised beds. Better Homes and Gardens might come a callin’.

  3. Sorry about your dad and hope things get better! I agree that fall gardening is the best!

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