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Lightsey Farms at the Market Means Summer Goodness! May 25, 2013

Someone mentioned to me last week that Mary Lightsey was back at the SFC Farmer’s Market downtown.  Just the mention of Lightsey Farms, filled my head with visions of plums, green ones, like I’ve seen nowhere else, peaches, blackberries, figs, cream peas, okra – all in their seasonal succession.

Mary was at the Triangle Farmers market this week, and I was happy to see her kind face, and stock up on peaches, having been forwarned of a sketchy peach season due to our late Central Texas freezes.  Her’s were gorgeous, as were the blackberries and green plums on her tables.

Lightsey Farms is located in Mexia Texas, NE of Waco and approximately 145 miles from Austin.   The Lightsey family has grown produce on their property for around 65 years.  They use sustainable practices for everything but the peaches, which are conventionally grown.  (as are most.)  To bring their produce to the Austin Farmer’s Markets, Mary gets up at 2:00 in the  morning, to load up and make the two and a half hour drive to Austin.  Next time you are at the SFC Farmer’s Market downtown or at the Triangle, pick up some delicious Lightsey Farm produce, and introduce yourself to Mary.  She is a sweetheart.

Green Plums

Green Plums

Beautiful Peaches

Beautiful Peaches



Lightsey Farms

Lightsey Farms


3 Responses to “Lightsey Farms at the Market Means Summer Goodness!”

  1. Kay Jackson Says:

    What are the ripening periods of your peaches & price per bushel? I would like to drive down & pick up several bushels to can. As a small child, my parents drove from Waco to Mexia for peaches, now I’m in Denison wanting to make the drive! Some childhood memories are never forgotten. Sincerely, Kay

    • Hi Kay,
      I’m not affiliated with Lightsey Farms, I’m just a fan. You can contact them directly and they should be at the Farmer’s Market at the Triangle on Wednesday and the downtown farmer’s market on Saturday. Good luck!

  2. Hi my name is andrea. Do u ever come waco,tx. To deliver any of your fruits like or do u have any peaches,green plums what are price for them. Thank u.

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