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Saying No to GMO Corn May 13, 2013

Since 99.9% of my food at home comes from our local farms, farmer’s markets, and my garden, I don’t eat many products, just whole foods.  Eating this way, I don’t have to worry about GMO’s in my food, too much.  Obviously, eating out is a challenge in that regard, and I do like Mexican food.

Several months ago, when I stopped eating gluten, I found myself eating more corn, specifically, substituting corn tortillas for flour ones.  This additional corn in my diet made be start thinking about GMO corn, more than I had been.   The more I read about GMO corn, the more I know I don’t want to eat it., or anything else that has been genetically modified, for that matter.   I decided to look into the non-GMO corn options around town, unhappily aware that I would have to give up my favorite one-stop tortilla chip, masa, and tortilla factory in East Austin.

Why non-GMO?  Genetically modified corn, is bio-engineered to be resistant to glyophosate, or as we know it, the weed killer, Round Up.  I don’t want to eat vegetables sprayed with Round Up, quite simply.  I pulled up a couple of articles, specifically about GMO corn.

So, where to buy non-GMO corn stuffs in Austin:

Blanco Valley Farms, sells non-GMO corn tortillas and tortilla chips fried in coconut oil, at the Barton Creek Farmer’s Market.  I have referred to their chips as “crack chips” many times in my blogging history.  They will change your life, they are so good.  This is my go-to option for non-GMO corn tortillas and tortilla chips.  Their corn white corn tortillas are, in my opinion, the best in town.  Their website says that these are available at Wholly Cow Burgers and they are also available through Greenling Organic Delivery.


The best substitute, in my opinion, for factory made chips, and tortillas, is El Lago.  El Lago makes corn tortillas and totopos (chips) from non GMO corn, and better yet, they are local.  And their products are great.  Their chips are “restaurant style” and hold up a little better to dipping than my old favorites.

El Lago Tortilla Chips

El Lago Tortilla Chips

El Lago Corn Tortillas

El Lago Corn Tortillas

A couple months ago, I got to know  Sonia, the passionate owner of  Margarita’s Tortilla Factory, at an event where she was serving her products.  We chatted a bit, and I got to learn about her company, and that they make not only non-GMO corn tortillas, but all of her her products are certified organic by the Texas Department of Agriculture.  She sent me home with some packages of her tortillas, and they are delicious.



The Gardener’s Feast, a farmer’s market staple around town, famous for their spectacular tamales, also sells non-GMO, organic blue corn tortillas.  They are delicious.

The Gardener's Feast Blue Corn Tortillas

The Gardener’s Feast Blue Corn Tortillas

Paqui Tortillas, also claim to use non-GMO corn, in their products.  I’ve had their flour tortillas in various flavors, (although its been a few years)  but have not had their newly launched, flavored tortilla chips, which are sold exclusively at Whole Foods.

I also attempted to make my own corn tortillas, with some non-GMO masa flour I ordered online.  Admittedly, they were not very good, partly because I used the only tortilla press I own, and electric one, and the tortillas fell apart.  (Somewhere my friend Hector just shook his head at that revelation).  But, I’ll acquire a proper press, and try again, because corn tortillas shouldn’t be that hard.

Purcell Mountain Farms, Masa Harina

Purcell Mountain Farms, Masa Harina

Boggy Creek Farm grinds and sells non-GMO cornmeal, at their Wednesday and Saturday Farmstand.  It makes the best cornbread!

Non-GMO Cornmeal from Boggy Creek Farm

Non-GMO Cornmeal from Boggy Creek Farm

Richardson Farms grows their own non-GMO popcorn, and it is available at the farmer’s markets they are in.  I pick it up at either the Triangle Farmer’s Market or the Downtown Farmer’s Market, both run by the Sustainable Food Center.

Richardson Farms popcorn

Richardson Farms popcorn

The obvious question may be, why don’t I grow my own corn.  I have tried three times, and failed each time.  I suck at corn.  Just not as bad as Monsanto sucks at it.

Whew, I think that concludes this post.  This sure would have been easier if businesses were required to label their GMO products.  Just sayin.



12 Responses to “Saying No to GMO Corn”

  1. Paula Says:

    Thanks so much for all this great info gathered here!

  2. Laura Del Favero Says:

    Really glad to have this list, thank you!

  3. Cecilia Says:

    You are such a great resource, Carla. When are you going to let me do a show with you in the kitchen?

  4. Megan H. Says:

    Carla, this is really great, useful information! Thank you for the education and for making it easier on your followers to actually buy non-GMO products. It makes me more likely to do it this way!

  5. yardandplate Says:

    Yes! Thank you. So glad to find your blog. Great info…I have been eating the margaritas brand for a while.

  6. […] at the downtown market sells them out of their Saturday booth. (reading Austin Urban Gardens blog, I had to try […]

  7. Picoschu Says:

    You should also try Fiesta Tortillas in Austin. They don’t sell in retail markets, but you will find their product in practically every restaurant in Central TX. They even have a walk-in service at their factory. Non-GMO as well.

  8. Dennys Says:

    hi! Do you have any idea where to buy non gmo corn?
    I’m sick of this, I’d love to know if I have a farmer close to me, I live in Katy TX


    • austinurbangardens Says:

      When it’s in season, I get mine at Boggy Creek Farm and Springdale Farm, both in Austin. Not very close to you, sadly

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