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Preserved Tangerines January 25, 2013

I’ve been hoarding the gorgeous tangerines from Orange Blossom Farm, which I purchase at the SFC Farmer’s Market downtown.   I’ve been eating them straignt up, keeping juice in the fridge for breakfast and juiced them in quantity to freeze for those sad times when they are not in season.  I think is is safe to say that I am tangerine secure.

I overbought last week, and once I got home, realized I was going to have to be a bit creative, which is my goal from year to year anyway.  Change it up!

So, it occurred to me that tangerines could be preserved just as lemons are.  I started thinking of what might make them more interesting, and pulled out some spices from my spice cabinet – star anise, cloves, cinnamon, bay and a dried pepper.  (some of those came as decorative elements in a Savory Spice Shop gift box I received.)  If you haven’t been to Savory Spice Shop on 6th you really must go.  Right now.

So, I quartered some tangerines, leaving the bottom inact, so they remained in one piece.  I removed the visible seeds and tried to trim the white pith as much as possible.


I sterilized the jars, and put a layer of kosher salt on the bottom.  I laid one tangerine in each jar, filled the cut parts with more salt, then inserted the spices in the middle of each tangerine: star anise in one, cinnamon and clove in the next, and dried pepper and bay in the last.


I applied more salt, then jammed as many more pieces of tangerine I could fit in each jar.  The salt will cause them to release their juice to an extent, but since I had fresh squeezed juice in the fridge, I put some of that in, then followed up with more salt, and lids.


And, into the fridge they went.  I’ll let them chill and do their thing for a few weeks, then I’ll start thinking of interesting applications for the preserved tangerines. I think they will make a great addition to rice and salad dressings.  That’s about as far as I’ve gotten so far.

Orange Blossom Farm is from Carrizo Springs, Texas, and grows several varieties of tangerines and tangelos.


2 Responses to “Preserved Tangerines”

  1. kate Says:

    Interesting! I’ve made preserved lemons a couple times before, but I’ve never thought about other citrus. I’ll be curious to hear about how they turn out.

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