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Austin Chronicle Blog – Farm-City, State January 8, 2013

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I am knocked down with the flu this week and not getting any blogging done for this blog.  However, I did write a guest post for the Austin Chronicle Blog section, entitled “Farm-City, State, Documentary Film in Progress.”

If you are interested, here it is:



2 Responses to “Austin Chronicle Blog – Farm-City, State”

  1. jenj Says:

    I will be interested to see the documentary. I do hope they are including every single person who lives IN the city in their quest to feed the city – even apartment dwellers can grow lettuce and herbs, and folks with even the smallest yard can produce an amazing amount of food. It should not just be up to the farmers to feed us – all of us can feed ourselves at least a little bit!

  2. I agree – everyone should at least try to grow something!

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