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Revised! Cheater Chilaquiles with Salsa Verde January 5, 2013

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Sorry, subscribers from flooding your in box.  I believe my WordPress difficulties have been resolved.  Thank you for your patience!

I’m not much for New Year’s Eve.  I normally prefer to stay home, and safe from all the revelers who drive.  But, after a really early dinner at Lenoir, I decided to head to the East side, where “fireworks are illegal” is merely a suggestion not to get caught.  I’m s sucker for a fireworks show, and it had been years since I’d seen any of note.

While I behaved myself, I didn’t get home until after 2:00.   When my alarm went off around  8:00, I didn’t have much time to get my brunch dish ready to go by 10:15.  I had planned to make Chilaquiles, which requires quartering and frying corn tortillas, which I didn’t have time to do.  Fortunately, I had what I call “crack chips” from Blanco Valley Farm at the Barton Creek Market in my freezer.  So, my dish, began with a 2 chip deep layer of “crack chips.”


Atop the chips, I poured a couple pints of my home canned Salsa Verde.


Next up, was a layer of the cubed chicken. Then I poured another pint of salsa verde over that, and topped with about 9 ounces of Full Quiver Cheddar. I had some sour cream leftover from making dinner for my parents, who do not expect to eat my all-local diet. I picked some cilantro from my garden, and mixed that with the sour cream and dolloped on top pretty sparingly.


I shoved the dish in to a 350 degree oven, and got myself ready, as the cheese melted and the salsa verde bubbled away.

I made it to the brunch, hot dish in hand, and no one was the wiser. And it tasted great!

After the brunch, I had invited some folks over to hang out in front of the fire.  With all ingredients already on hand, I whipped up some Chicken Enchiladas Verdes for dinner.

For the enchiladas, I had the time to soften the corn tortillas in oil, which makes the rolling much easier.



I mixed the cubed chicken with a pint of salsa verde, grated Full Quiver Monterrey Jack, and rolled up the mixture into the softened tortillas.  I topped the mixture with salsa verde, Full Quiver Cheddar, and a bit of sour cream with cilantro again.  The pan baked in the oven, until everything was melted and bubbling.

And with that, and some Rancho Gordo Black beans, I called it New Year’s Day.




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