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The Eventual Return of Normalcy August 6, 2012

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I think it might happen – normalcy, after 5 weeks of being away from everything about  my life.  On June 29, 2012, I had taken my mother to her beauty shop appointment, and we were on our way to Perla’s for seafood lunch with my friend Christian.  I parked in the parking garage behind those Guero’s and Hopdoddy on South Congress, as I had time and again.  She was behind me, as we always negotiated stairs, so that if anything unthinkable happened, I could hopefully break her fall.  It did, and I didn’t.  Within one horrible moment, she was upside down, at the second step from the bottom, covered in blood, broken, and damaged in a way that I had never seed a body damaged. 

Now, after 3 weeks in Seton Hospital, 3 surgeries, 2 weeks in St. David’s Rehabilitation hospital, she returned to her  house last Wednesday.  During those weeks, I did not contribute to this blog.  I let my garden die, except for the citrus trees which I continued to water.  I didn’t cook, or eat out.  I sat at her bedside and managed her care, since she was, and is unable to do so.

I had expected that once she was home, life would just be normal again, but that will take a little more time, I’m finding out.  She gets visits every day from therapists and wound care nurses, and will continue to see Drs. in their offices for weeks to come. 

I hope to have some time in the next few weeks to clean up my dead garden, and start getting it ready to plant again in the Fall.  Hopefully, there will be fun events creeping back into my schedule that I can write about, too.  And there will be brisket and bacon, and who knows what other cooking shennanigans.  I will can and pickle again, too.  Soon. 

Thank you, blog visitors for your patience, I’ll be back soon., with something interesting to read and pictures too.


4 Responses to “The Eventual Return of Normalcy”

  1. Isn’t it astounding how profound those sudden changes are and how slow the come back can be? A fall six years ago had some big lessons for me and looking back, was a real gift. Bless you for taking such good care of Mom.

  2. jenj Says:

    Oh my goodness, I am so sorry to hear about your mother. I am glad to hear that she is recovering, even if it is a slow process. Your mother is incredibly lucky to have you as her caregiver and advocate, and I hope this time with her has brought you closer together, even if the circumstances were not the best. I hope that you both regain some semblance of normalcy soon!

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