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Homemade Cornichons May 16, 2012

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Last Saturday at the Springdale Farm farm stand, I discovered that they had grown and harvested gherkins, and I bought them all.  These tiny cucumbers, aside from the cute factor, taste delicious, and when pickled, make a perfect complement to a charcuterie plate.  So, I bought all three baskets they had, and brought them home.

Once I had sterilized my pint jars, I estimated the pickling mixture needed, and mixed 2 cups white vinegar, 4 tablespoons pickling salt and 2/3 cups water.  I put a clove of garlic, a fresh bay leaf, and several whole peppercorns into each jar, as liquid heated on the stove.  Next, I packed the jars with the gherkins, as tightly as possible.

As soon as the salt dissolved and the pickling liquid came to a boil, I filled the jars and sealed.  I hadn’t pickled anything in a few months, and forgot how everything floats to the top, making it a tad harder to wipe the tops of the jars clean.  I got the jars sealed and processed in a boiling water bath for 10 minutes.  I had forgotten how easy pickling is, relative to canning other things.



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