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Fun Things to do in April in Austin March 27, 2012

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April in Austin is a great time to enjoy outdoor activities while supporting some good causes.  Some of my favorite annual events are in April:

Funky Chicken Coop Tour – April 7, 2012 from 10:00 to 4:00

This from their comment here:

“Thank you for mentioning last year’s The Funky Chicken Coop Tour®.  We thought you and your readers might want to hear more about this year’s tour, which we think will be better than ever.

We are one of the first and (we think) most fun urban chicken coop tours in the country. As with last year’s tour, The Funky Chicken Coop Tour®, founded in 2009, is an annual self guided tour held each spring in Austin, Texas, by the nonprofit organization the Urban Poultry Association of Texas, Inc. The purpose of this tour is to encourage city residents to raise chickens at home by demonstrating the many ways that chicken (and other poultry) housing can be incorporated into urban residence without violating city ordinances or creating a nuisance.

On Saturday, April 7, 2012, Austin-area poultry keepers will open their backyards to the public for the fourth year in a row to show off their chickens and their urban coops. Besides being easy-to-care-for pets, chickens also provide manure for fertilizer and compost, along with helping keep both weeds and bugs in check, all of which helps create better yards and gardens.  Of course they also provide delicious fresh eggs right from your own backyard.  Most chicken owners report that it’s just plain fun to have them around.

Visitors to the tour sites will see how recycled materials can be transformed into a low-cost coop or how a design-conscious coop can enhance the beauty of a landscape. The tour hosts will be on hand to share their experiences with chicken care, coop design, maintaining harmony among the chickens, people and other pets, and more. Chicken coops often integrate into larger projects, such as organic gardens, sustainability and permaculture efforts, and school activities. The tour hosts will be on hand to share their experiences with chicken care, coop design, maintaining harmony among the chickens, people and other pets, and more. Many of the homes on the tour have featured various alternative energy sources, such as solar panels, along with other environmentally sound practices such as rainwater harvesting and xeriscaping.  A lot of the coops on the tour also have interesting and unusual features; for example, several of our tour hosts on this year’s tour keeps dairy goats along with chickens and another is integrated in the picturesque landscape of a Bed & Breakfast.

So, make some time on Easter weekend to check out this event.  The self-guided tour will run from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m, rain or shine. The Information Center on the day of the tour will be at Buck Moore Feed & Supply, 5237 North Lamar Boulevard  Austin, TX 78751. Tour Maps will be available for $10 each, and a portion of the proceeds will benefit the Green Corn Project.  The tour maps will serve as entry tickets, but can be shared by as many people as desired.

If you would like to know more about us, please visit our website You can also stay up to date by following The Funky Chicken Coop Tour® on Facebook and Twitter!/afct. We now also have a fun Pinterest page with all things chicken related:

We would like to invite both you and your readers to join us on April 7, 2012, and please let us know if you write about us so we can mention you on our Facebook and Webpage.

Thank You For Supporting The Funky Chicken Coop Tour®!!!!”

My recap of the 2010 Funky Chicken Coop Tour is here:

East Austin Urban Farm Tour – April 15, 2012 – from 1:00 to 5:00

“Spend a Sunday afternoon strolling amongst the crops, visiting the chickens, donkeys and goats on four urban farms mere blocks apart. At each farm, chefs will offer tastes of their art, using farm ingredients. Local mixologists, brewers, and wine merchants will share sips. In the fields, farmers will introduce their crops, share their experiences as farmers and answer gardening questions. It will be the perfect opportunity to get your tomato dilemmas solved!

You can begin your farm tour at any of the four farms.  No charge for children 12 & under.

Boggy Creek Farm – 3414 Lyons Road  Austin, TX 78702

East End Wines, ASTI Trattoria, Fine Home Dining, Lenoir, Lick Ice Cream

Hausbar Farm – 3300 Govalle, Austin, TX 78702

Hoovers Soular Food Garden and Trailer, Kome Sushi Kitchen, Thunderheart Bison Ranch to Trailer, Amity Bakery, Paula’s Texas Spirits, Balcones Distillery, Wahaka Mezcal

Rain Lily Farm – 914 Shady Ln, Austin, TX 78702

Confituras, Fabi + Rosi, Hot Dang! Veggie Burgers, Dai Due, Argus Cider, Zhi Tea

Springdale Farm – 755 Springdale Rd, Austin, TX 78702

Bola Pizza, Eastside Showroom, Peche, Rebecca Creek Distillery, Jester King Brewery, Texas Sake”

See my recap of the 2011 East Austin Urban Farm Tour here:

Live Fire! – Austin Food and Wine Alliance – April 26, 2012 6:30 – 9:00

The newly formed Austin Food and Wine Alliance has taken over this popular event.  This year at the Salt Lick Pavilion, local and regional chefs will exhibit their culinary mastery over open flames.  Stroll the beautiful grounds of the Salt Lick Pavilion, taste the chefs’ offerings, taste a variety of wines and enjoy being outside before summer moves us all back inside.

Chef Lineup, which includes some of my favorites:

Our Searing Lineup of Chefs, Beef Supremacy & Fire Mastery:

Naomi Pomeroy, Beast (Portland, OR)

Adam Sappington, The Country Cat (Portland, OR)

Jason Dady, Jason Dady Restaurants (San Antonio, TX)

John Bullington, Alamo Drafthouse (Austin, TX)

Ned Elliott, Foreign & Domestic (Austin, TX)

Aaron Franklin, Franklin Barbecue (Austin, TX)

Jonathan Gelman, The Driskill Hotel (Austin, TX)

Jesse Griffiths, Dai Due (Austin, TX)

Reece Lagunas,  Whole Food Market® (Austin, TX)

John Lichtenberger, Trattoria Lisina (Driftwood, TX)

Damian Mandola, Mandola’s Italian Market (Austin, TX)

Scott Roberts, The Salt Lick (Driftwood, TX)

Josh Watkins, The Carillon (Austin, TX)

Andrew Wiseheart, Contigo (Austin, TX)

More about this event from their website:

To order tickets, go here:

My recap of the 2011 Live Fire event here:


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