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Preserved Meyer Lemons November 7, 2011

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Preserved Lemons are a staple in Moroccan and Middle Eastern cuisine.  Many recipes you will find include spices such as cinnamon sticks, coriander, and bay.  My tree is a Meyer Lemon tree – Meyer Lemons being more mild, less tart and less intensely flavored than regular lemons.  I use preserved lemon to flavor rice, and salad dressings mostly, and don’t want those additional spices in mine.

My tree was more generous with the Meyer Lemons this year than last, yielding around 12 fruits.  While really ripe and juicy, some still have a bit of green on the peel, so I used those as much as possible for the juice.

The process couldn’t be simpler: Slice the lemons, and layer them with salt to cover each slice.  Salt on the bottom of the jar, then lemon, then salt –  you get it.  About half way up, I inserted two bay leaves into each jar, because I like the mild flavor of bay in just about everything. Once the slices reach the top, fill the jar with lemon juice.

Simple slices

Preserved Lemons

The recipes say “store in a cool place” but in an abundance of caution, I store mine in the fridge.  After several weeks, the peel has softened.  To use, take out however many slices you want, rinse off the salt, discard the pulp, and chop the rind.  The lemons will keep for months in the fridge, if you don’t eat them all.
This same process can be used for limes.  Other recipes call for quartering the fruit, leaving the bottom end intact and inserting the whole lemon/lime into a jar that way.  I’m good with slices, as I think they are easier to deal with later.

2 Responses to “Preserved Meyer Lemons”

  1. aneelee Says:

    do you have to process in a water bath?

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