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Day Two of My Slow Weekend at Home – Apple Citrus Marmalade with Rosemary November 6, 2011

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For some reason, I am in love with the fact that we can get local apples in the Fall, from Love Creek Orchard, near Medina.   It just doesn’t seem very Texas-like.  The variety of apples changes throughout the apple season, and they grow approximately 12 varieties.  The granny smith varieties come earliest, in September, then the later apples are deep, gorgeous red.  I picked up 1/4 of a bushel yesterday at the Barton Creek Farmer’s Market for $16.00 and a quart of their homemade apple cider vinegar for $5.00.

I was up at 5:30 this morning, thanks to the time change, which gave me time to peruse recipes for apples.  Serendipity! I found the perfect recipe for Apple Marmalade with Rosemary.  I have Meyer Lemons that need to be dealt with this weekend, and a huge leftover orange that someone brought over for margaritas and left behind.  I had intended to also use the one remaining Satsuma orange from my tree, but I ate before I even got back inside.  I always want to use things from my garden, so the rosemary component fit perfectly.

From Tigress in a Jam @blogspot

The recipe called for 2 1/4 lbs apples, 2 oranges, 3 lemons, 3 1/2 cups sugar and 5 sprigs rosemary

I am not huge fan of the tartness of traditional  marmalades, so I doubled the recipe, but just used 1 huge orange and 2 lemons.  I didn’t use 10 sprigs of rosemary, I whacked on a handful from the garden and taste tested through out the cooking process.  I cooked down the lemon and oranges, with peel, sliced quartered and sliced very thinly, in 6 cups of water, as I peeled and cored apples and tossed them in.  That mixture cooked about an hour.  I turned off the heat, added about 6 cups of organic sugar, not quite doubling the amount as I had backed off the tart factor.    That mixture cooked for another hour with the rosemary.  Then I fished out the rosemary, blended it partially with the immersion blender, and filled my jars.  Well, I missed a bit of rosemary, but that will add character.

Gorgeous Love Creek Apples


Orange and Lemon slices


Adding Garden Rosemary

I couldn’t be happier with the end result.  It is not overly sweet with chunks of apple, strips of orange and a good bit of orange flavor, hints of lemon, with none of the tartness, and a finish of rosemary.   This just tastes like Fall and the color is lovely as well.  Having had a couple of failures lately, altering recipes, I’m glad this turned out so well.  I’m calling it a marmalade, although it probably is more jam-like in the end.  All lids down!

Apple, Citrus, Rosemary Marmalade


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