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Apple Preserves for Austin Bakes for Wildfire Relief this Saturday September 27, 2011

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Last April, several of my friends formed  the Austin Bakes group and organized a big bake sale benefitting recovery efforts in Japan? This time, we are pooling our efforts again to benefit the Austin Community Foundation’s Central Texas Wildfire Fund. This fund is providing support to agencies working in Bastrop, Steiner Ranch, Spicewood, and other parts of Central Texas affected by wildfire. The bake sale is this Saturday, October 1, from 10 am until 2 pm at six locations in Austin and one location in Round Rock, and there’s also an online giving page.

My contribution to the sale was going to be pickled okra from my day-0-pickling a couple weeks ago, and it still is.  I also procured a 1/2 bushel of apples from Love Creek Orchards at the Barton Creek Farmer’s Market, and had myself a day of jam making, some of which will also appear at the Foreign and Domestic location of the sale.


First, I made Apple Ginger Preserves, which I’ve made before.  These apples have actually been available for a few weeks. Crystalized Ginger from Savory Spice shop adds the spice, which I really like.  I literally spent the day peeling and cooking down apples.


Cooking down the apples

Apple Ginger Preserves

Next, I wanted to make apple pie filling, but didn’t have the special starch to thicken it.  Apparently, there is one special kind that is suitable for canning.  So, I made a recipe called Mom’s Apple Pie in a Jar instead.  I think it will be incredible on vanilla ice cream.

Apple Pie in a Jar

Finally, I made some apple butter, I think.  I followed the recipe, but am not sure it cooked down to the desired apple butter consistency.

Running it through the mill

I’ll test some today and bring it to the sale labeled either Applesauce or Apple Butter, whichever suits best.  Some of each of these products and my smiling face will be at the Foreign and Domestic location on Saturday.  Come say hi, get yourself some tasty treats and help support our neighbors affected by the Labor Day wildfires.

Apple Butter





8 Responses to “Apple Preserves for Austin Bakes for Wildfire Relief this Saturday”

  1. Cecilia Says:

    Carla…thank goodness you are donating some of this bounty to the Bake Sale/Wildlife Relief, otherwise, you’d have to seriously consider building an extention onto your house! Great work!


  2. Cecilia, you have no idea…I need a 1000 sq. foot root cellar. If ever our food supply is seriously threatened, you know where to come!

  3. Stella Says:

    Beautiful! I certainly admire how much hard work you put into such a great cause. I’ll stop by for sure! Will you have some pickled okra at F&D?

  4. Joy Says:

    I make apple and pear butter every year. Some batches are runnier than others, but it all tastes the same and preserves well.

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