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Mid-September Fall Garden Looks Hopeful September 18, 2011

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When I posted my Labor Day planting update, I had no idea whether any of my seedlings would take hold or if the heat would subside.  Initially, it appeared that my carrots had come up, only immediately to die.  Thankfully, that proved not to be the case.  The heat eventually broke a few days ago, and yesterday I got .16 inches of rain.  While almost everything I read, indicates the drought is here to stay, I remain hopeful that the rain forecast comes true, and there is more rain to come.

I planted two broccoli transplants last weekend, and one immediately died.  The other is hanging in, but doesn’t look as good as the seedlings do.

Broccoli seedlings

For every broccoli seedling that emerged, so did a little weed of unknown origin.  I’ve got lots of weeding to do, and the broccoli will need to be thinned a lot.  I hate thinning.

The green beans came up and look sturdy – the only question is whether there will be time for them to make beans before it gets too cold.

Green Beans

Beyond the green beans, are the carrots which also look pretty good.  I thought they had died, but they continue to grow and also need to be thinned.


The biggest surprise in my garden, is that the potatoes are up already.  I buried them deep, hoping to fend them off until the weather cooled a bit, but they were well rooted when I planted them so up they came.


I love growing potatoes – they are so rewarding.  First, they spring up as a rather large plant, rather than a little seedling.  And, digging them up is so much fun, because you never know how many you will get.  With any luck, I’ll have some potatoes for Thanksgiving.

Since there is more rain in the forecast today, and no indication that it will get over 100 again, I’m going to hedge my bets and get some lettuce and spinach in the ground.



2 Responses to “Mid-September Fall Garden Looks Hopeful”

  1. What is growing by the carrots in between row? I have some in my garden is it a weed?

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