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Signs of Life and Hope for a Weary Gardener August 13, 2011

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I’ve been attempting to get my garden beds ready for Fall gardening, without much verve or conviction.  I added some compost and turned the large garden, but the other five remain a drought hardened, fallow mess.  It has been hard to get very excited about gardening, in this weather.  The 10 tomato plants I started for myself and a friend, are still in their pots, being watered every day, fertilized, and moved in and out of the late afternoon sun.  I know it is getting close to time to get them in the ground, but still I hesitate.

Some have been flowering, although I haven’t paid too much attention.  Technically, it is supposed to be too hot for them to set fruit.  Something did catch my eye yesterday, however,  so I went in for a closer look.


I couldn’t believe it, a tomato!  Yesterday it was just the larger of the now 2 tomatoes.  This is a Patio Tomato plant from The Natural Gardener.  This one little tomato plant has re-energized my tired gardener soul, and I’m adding more gardening to my to-do list this weekend.  Fall will arrive, and I want to be ready.



3 Responses to “Signs of Life and Hope for a Weary Gardener”

  1. nikkiqiao Says:

    Awww, little tomatoes!

  2. I noticed mine flowering this past week as well. Its a miracle!

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