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Watermelon Harvest July 14, 2011

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For weeks I’ve been watching two very large watermelons in my garden.  They hadn’t done anything interesting, yet I kept watching.  The were no longer growing, and I could detect no visible sign that I should harvest them.  The browning of the stem, and yellowing of the underside.  Not happening.  Yet, my curiosity got the best of me and I harvested the larger of the two.

Big ole Watermelon

I was apprehensive about cutting it open, and fearful that I’d jumped the gun.

Perfectly ripe!

I was happy to find the watermelon was perfectly ripe, and ate the end immediately with a spoon.  It was still warm from the sun, juicy as can be and delicious.  I love the contrast of the pale skin with the bright pink fruit.  Next up for this fella, is a Watermelon, Feta, Basil salad.  Then it will be time to harvest the other one.

Growing watermelons is easy, just plant, water and wait.



2 Responses to “Watermelon Harvest”

  1. AngryRedhead Says:

    That’s a crazy lookin’ watermelon! You should definitely carve the other one into something crazy especially if it’s as white as this one. Like a vampire or zombie or something. I’ve seen some awesome melon carvings online.

    Congrats on growing the melons! How big are the vines? Or rather, how much space do the vines take up?

    • A vampire watermelon! I hadn’t thought of carving it, but that might be fun. The vines take up an entire 4×4 raised bed, but they share the bed with 5 pepper plants. I plant things like watermelon, squash and cucumber in the corners so they can jump out.

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