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Hide Your Vegetables, I Can’t Stop Canning! July 4, 2011

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When Jesse Griffiths said that canning is addictive at canning class last week at Johnson”s Backyard Garden, my first thought was, “Nah, I’m just canning out of necessity”.  I have too many garden tomatoes, and HAVE TO can them.  Now, 8 days later, I’m canning everything in sight, and have slowed down only because I’ve run out of produce.  When I left the farmer’s market on Saturday with two bags full of tomatoes, my friends just shook their heads.

I had a banner canning day on Saturday, starting with the over abundance of cucumbers and peppers from my garden.  I had also purchased some banana peppers from Milagro Farms, which were so pretty I couldn’t resist.  Apparently, they were initially grown for pickling.

Pickled Produce


Next I turned my attention to the tomatillos that were left behind from Mexican Cooking Class.  I cored them, then tossed them into a pan with some water, garlic and onion and started cooking them down.

Reducing the tomatillos


Once soft, I added salt to taste and a good amount of lime juice (also left behind) and processed it with the immersion blender, until smoother but slightly chunky.  The end result was a pint and a half pint of salsa verde which will be amazing for cheesy, chicken enchiladas.

Salsa Verde

Next up, in my hours long canning frenzy, I turned to the remaining tomatoes from the Johnson’s Backyard Garden class, some heirlooms from Springdale Farm, a few of my own, and some of the purchased tomatoes from Milagro Farms.

I separated the heirlooms from the hybrids, and cooked them down separately, adding garlic, garden oregano, and salt.  I let this sauce cook down until it reduced to the perfect consistency for pasta sauce.  The coolest thing about this is that once processed and put into the pantry, it is ready to go.  I will be able to make a simple yet delicious dinner, by tossing this sauce with some hot pasta and a little parmesan, and it will take mere minutes.

Pasta sauce

The remaining tomatoes I processed to the consistency of stewed tomatoes that I’ll be able to use for anything.  So the end result of my day of canning is below.  I have become my grandmother.

My Day of Canning




7 Responses to “Hide Your Vegetables, I Can’t Stop Canning!”

  1. AngryRedhead Says:

    Awesome. I highly approve of canning. It’s very gratifying, necessary, and artistic. Your jars are quite attractive!

  2. Val. Says:

    I was at Jesse’s class and processed 60 pounds of tomatoes, along with about 7 pounds of cucumbers over the July 4 weekend. Only one jar didn’t “ping”! I was so proud of myself.

    • 60 pounds, wow! Very impressive! Although I’m out of tomatoes, I don’t think I’m quite done yet. If anyone has Taxi tomatoes at the farmer’s market on Saturday, I have another round coming. One jar of my banana peppers didn’t ping, so I just stuck it in the fridge. Good job, and thanks for the comment!

  3. Claudia A Says:

    Hahahaha, you crack me up Carla. Canning is FUN! I made some pickle spears last weekend and this one I will make chiles en escabeche, my mom’s recipe. We also opened the pickled baby carrots that I made from the last batch of garden carrots. Oh man, are they TASTY! Killer on a charcuterie plate. I am hoping to get some green beans so I can pickle those too…you, know, for bloody marys! Last year I made marinated eggplant, which was fabulous and all-purpose. I have enough now that I may just put some up this weekend too.

  4. I always wanted to learn to can, and can’t believe I waited so long. It is SO much fun and so rewarding. I really thought I’d just use my new skill for extra garden vegetables, but I seriously can’t stop. I can’t wait to see what goodies the farmer’s market will have to feed my new addiction tomorrow! Would you be willing to share your chiles in escabeche recipe? I’d love to try it

  5. […] been blogging about her experiences in canning foods that come from her garden. Here’s a piece that originally appeared on her blog back in July 2011. When Jesse Griffiths said that canning is addictive at canning class last week […]

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