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Mexican Cooking Class, Part 1, with the Mexican Gourmand July 3, 2011

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My friend Hector Gonzales was in need to a kitchen to host a series of cooking classes focusing on the Mexican food of his Mexico City heritage, and I gladly obliged.  Last week was the first of the likely 3 part series.  This first class focused on salsas, and their uses and on corn tortillas, the base of many Mexican dishes.   At the beginning of the class, the process of breaking down the corn kernels began on the stove.  While they simmered away, we sipped on a traditional Mexican drink using Chia, and  Hector got started with the most basic salsa, actually a pico de gallo.

Pico de Gallo

Next was a progression of salsas, from raw blended salsa, cooked salsa, fire roasted salsa, to green emulsified salsa, which you might recognize as Dona at Taco Deli.  This was not exactly the same as the salsa Dona but very similar and very good.

Fire roasting for salsa

Blistering peppers for emulsified salsa

Different Fresh Salsas

Green Salsa

Next up, Hector made Guacamole, and it was delicious.  It never occurred to me that the flavor would be affected by the order within which you add ingredients.


Next we moved on to the masa.  By this time, it had simmered in its liquid was was able to be ground down in the Cuisinart.  We made basic corn tortillas, and then Hector showed us uses for them.  The first of which was a Sope, containing refried beans, Mexican cheese, and crema.

Corn Tortilla

Mexican Sope

Then finally this delicious pocket of food encased in masa.  I can’t remember what this one was called at the moment, but it was fabulous, willed with chorizo, cheese, crema and refried beans.

This cooking class was a lot of fun, and I learned a great deal about Mexican cuisine.  I’m looking forward to the next class where we will delve further into the traditional food of Mexico.

If you are interested in the classes, just let me know and I will send you the information as it is announced.  You can also follow @mgourmand on Twitter for information.


4 Responses to “Mexican Cooking Class, Part 1, with the Mexican Gourmand”

  1. Cecilia Says:

    So you made your own masa? Now that’s fascinating. Eveything tasted the way it looks, it must have been amazing.

  2. Yes we started with corn and made masa. It was very cool!

  3. CMS Says:

    I never knew guacamole tasted different if you added the ingredients in different orders. Care to share the proper order?
    btw, i think i’m your new biggest fan! I’ve been following you on twitter for a while but just recently got into your blog. Great stuff! I am so thankful for all you share! -Crystal

    • Hey Crystal, welcome back! I’m glad you are enjoying my blog, I have fun recounting my adventures with food, gardening and what not. I’m going to confirm with Hector before sharing the guacamole, I don’t want to get it wrong. Thanks for your comment as always!

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