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Vegetable Planting Guide for July, Zone 8, Austin June 30, 2011

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The thought of  bringing new plants into the garden in this heat, just seems wrong.  Nevertheless, there are fruits and vegetables that can be planted in July.

Basil, Oregano, Thyme (from seed or transplants)

Tomatoes (I think the Cherry varieties withstand our heat much better than others)

Peppers (all kinds)

From Seed all month:

Pumpkins (Rule of thumb is plant on July 4th for Halloween pumpkins)

Chard, corn, cucumber, okra, black-eyed peas, New Zealand Spinach (Malabar spinach), summer and winter squash, watermelon, eggplant

Late July:

beans, cantaloupe, carrots, cauliflower, fennel, rutabaga

I have several varieties of tomato plants that still look quite healthy, although they’ve stopped setting fruit.  I am weighing whether it is worth the time and water, to keep them healthy until Fall, or replant when the weather is cooler.  I haven’t decided, but probably will try to save at least a few that did well in the Spring.


6 Responses to “Vegetable Planting Guide for July, Zone 8, Austin”

  1. Wow, I’ve never heard of planting chard in the summer. I know spring plants will survive the heat but when I start them too late (in May!), they never grow well. And cauliflower?!? I’ve never put it in before Sept 15th!

  2. Claudia A Says:

    I just planted some more scallop squash at home and at Whip-In. Do you have any lemon cuke seeds? I have never grown them but with your success I am curious to try them. My Persian one has been doing fantastic!

  3. Hey Claudia, I don’t have any more Lemon Cucumber seeds. I didn’t grow any this year, since they don’t hold up well for pickling. I’ll pick some for you if I see any around. My cucumbers are going great guns as well, and I’m struggling to keep up. Your recipes on your blog helped!

  4. worriedgardener Says:

    my cucumbers, which i planted from seed in april, are not even developing. plants look healthy and are still flowering, then get a little tiny cuke, but it dries up while it’s still a baby, never developing. ?? and, my green peppers never even flowered. is it my soil? any help would be soooo appreciated.

    • It sounds like your cucumbers are not getting pollinated. You can hand pollinate with a small paintbrush, just “paint” from one flower to the next. The pepper problem, sounds like a soil problem. I would get some organic fertilizer, 8-2-4 and top dress around the plants and water in. Once they start flowering, you can add some fertilizer higher in phosphorous, which is the middle number. I recommend Ladybug brands and Rabbit Hill Farms. Once the season is over and you’ve pulled up your plants, work some good turkey compost into the soil before planting again. Good luck!

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