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I’m Obsessed with Oven Dried Tomato, Pecan, Pesto June 24, 2011

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Several folks have asked me how to make my newest obsession, Oven Dried Tomato, Pecan, Pesto, after seeing it on Facebook and Twitter.  I am not a recipe gal, I just make things up as I go along, so I don’t have proportions.  As one of the many ways to deal with excess tomatoes, I decided to oven dry some a few weeks ago.  This inspired this pesto making project.

oven dried tomatoes

That blurry picture is from the first time I made this pesto.  This time, I used about 8 more tomatoes.

The rest of the ingredients are, garlic, parmesan, pecans, basil, olive oil, and fleur de sel.

Pesto ingredients

I pre-grate the parmesan, just so I don’t end up with any hunks.  The whole lot gets tossed in to the RoboCoup with the tomatoes.

Into the Food Processer

I use the pulse button until the pesto is the desired consistency.  I slowly add olive oil as I go, until it is just as I like it.  Then, salt to taste.

Pulsing it down

I’m all out of freezing containers, so I froze most of this in a muffin tin, and I’ll take the disks out, wrap them in cling wrap, then stack them nicely out of the way until I need one.

Ready to Wrap and Freeze

I already loved just plain old basil pesto, but this packs quite the flavor punch with the addition of the partially dried tomatoes.  The oven drying really concentrates the flavor and this is why I might be obsessed with Oven Dried Tomato Pesto.

The first time I made it, I drizzled it over grilled Richardson Farms ribeye steaks, and it was amazing.




2 Responses to “I’m Obsessed with Oven Dried Tomato, Pecan, Pesto”

  1. Oh, that looks awesome… been debating what to do with my newest glut of tomatoes from my mom’s garden, and I think this might be the winner. Pesto of all kinds holds a special place in my heart. Thanks!

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