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Summer Supper with Friends and Little Birds June 12, 2011

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If all the planets align and the week of preparing for farmer’s markets and catering gigs, and planning a brick and mortar don’t wipe out my friends Christian and Jamie, on occasion we can get together and cook dinner.  I seem to stay booked every other night of the week but Saturday for some reason.

I order Bandera Quail by the case every few months, from Broken Arrow Ranch, and had been anxious to share them with friends, because they are so good.  They 4 to a package and I get the large ones, semi-boneless.  The only remaining bones are in the legs and wings.  Christian had come up with a peach and jalapeno sauce idea, so I got some peaches from the Farmer’s Market and my fridge is full of my garden peppers.  He got the sauce on the stove first.

Peach, Jalapeno reduction

He suggested Cous Cous for the side, and I had some organic cous cous from the Boulder Farmer’s Market, a gift from my friend Kristi from her travels.

Farmer's Market Cous Cous


For the Cous Cous, he brought currants and pine nuts, which he toasted.

Dinner would also have a Roasted Corn (Boggy Creek Farm), Onion, (my garden) and Tomato (my garden) salad.  Once the Big Green Egg came up to temp, he grilled the onions and corn.

Grilled Onion and Corn

Next, the quail went on the grill.  Christian suggested that the quail looked if they are surrendering after a quail crime spree, with all of their legs and wings pointed every which way.

Crime Scene Quail

The plate was assembled with the cous cous with currants and toasted pine nuts as the base, then two quail with the peach, jalapeno sauce , then the grilled corn, onion and tomato salad.  It was a delicious dinner and was complemented with Corte Gardoni Bardolino Chiaretto, and nice Rose I picked up at the Austin Wine Merchant earlier in the day.

Quail Dinner

Its really all about spending quality time with friends, but if there is an amazing, local dinner at the end of it, all the better.  I’m already scheming our next cooking adventure, which I think will be lamb.




2 Responses to “Summer Supper with Friends and Little Birds”

  1. I just used my Facebook to log in instead of my WordPress log in! The food looks awesome, as usual! Hope to hang with you again, soon!

  2. This thing is not cooperating with me…lol!

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