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Savoring Saturday with Porchetta and Pickles May 28, 2011

I often feel too overscheduled, stressed and worn out.  All of this is my from my poor calendar management skills, and my feeling that I should attend as many things as I’m invited to, so as to be considered gracious enough to be invited again.  Sometimes, the events end up piled on top of one another, and it can be exhausting.

So, today, Saturday, I planned nothing, other than a short visit to Thrill of the Grill, an Edible Austin event at Breed and Company, where I needed to pick up cleaning supplies anyway.

After a leisurely tour of the Farmer’s Market, for a first time visitor, I stopped at Austin Wine Merchant to get some wine to pair with tomorrow’s Dai Due dinner, then I headed home to drop off my finds, and pick my mom up, down the street.  She and I went to Breed and Co. and shared a Currywurst wrap, and shopped a bit.  Then, I headed home, this time, to stay.

I had a Dai Due Porchetta that I’d been thawing, and so I seared it off on the stove, then put it in a roasting pan, in a 250 degree oven.

Seared Dai Due Porchetta

The roast would need hours in a 250 degree oven, so I had time to do other things before dinner.

I had some cucumbers from the farmer’s market and also from my garden, that I needed to preserve.  So, I decided to make pickles.  Spears, this time.  I got a recipe from my Epicurious iPhone app, and used that.  It was the typical, vinegar, water, pickling salt, dill, garlic and cucumbers.  I tossed in some pickling spice, black peppercorns, and sliced serranos.

Future pickles

After sterilizing the jars. I cut the ends off the pickles, and cut them into spears.  Eighths, for most of them.  I stuffed them into the sterilized jars.  After the pickling mixture had boiled and settled down a bit, I ladled it into the jars, to the top, then sealed them.

Pre-processed pickles

They got boiled in a water bath for 10 minutes, and the lids all popped down, meaning they were properly sealed.

They lose their pretty bright color in this process, which I hate.

Completed pickles

On to dinner.  By now, the pork roast was done.  I was too tired to make elaborate sides, so I quickly cooked a Boggy Creek Farm ear of corn, scraped it off the cob, and put a bit of butter on it.  For sauce for the meat, I made a reduction of fresh blackberries, butter, garden sage, and some  Texas Olive Ranch blackberry balsamic.

Fresh Black berry reduction

I ate the porchetta, with the blackberry sauce, and some perfect corn off the cob with a dab of butter.

Porchetta, Blackberry reduction, Fresh Corn

I was too lazy to make more vegetables for this dinner, and it was good.

Good Saturday.


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