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Mystery Melon May 23, 2011

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I received several different melon seeds and transplants from the Seedling Exchange at my house in early Spring.  I planted most of them, unlabeled, as is my lazy gardening nature.  From one of the plants, a melon emerged a few weeks ago.  I watched it grow, at first thinking it might be a watermelon.  But as it matured, it changed in appearance, into something I did not recognize.  It was large and green, and by the time I picked it, had developed a rough skin, although it never developed striped like the Israeli Melon or Chantarais Melon, I though it might be.  Once it appeared ripe, harvested it.


It looked like a cantaloupe, but I do not like cantaloupe, and would not have planted it knowingly.  Once I sliced it open, I knew it was something else.

The flavor of the mystery melon was very light, not very sweet, and mostly uninteresting, to me at least.   As it was dominating the space also occupied by my rainbow icebox watermelon plant, I pulled it up, so that my watermelons can thrive without competition for nutrients.

It was a fun experiment, but as it gets hot and the garden needs more and more water, I think I’ll just water the foods I know I will enjoy.


4 Responses to “Mystery Melon”

  1. Marc O. Says:

    Wow… it really does look like a cantaloupe… with some issues. 🙂

    I love cantaloupe, but my vines are suffering aphids so badly I might yank them… which really pains me. Especially after I got one perfect volunteer cantaloupe last year… without an ounce of effort on my part.

    • mark Says:

      i think i bought the same fruit here in corpus christi today. A week or so ago i was with my mother and went to a small place
      here that sells home grown vegetables. My mother tried a melon that they said was a honey dew but didn’t look like one.After
      chilling it she ate it all up. She said that it was very very excellent.So today we went back and the guy said he got them by mistake.He was all sold out but he found the last two and we bought them. He said that people really loved them and he was growing them next year for sure. He called them Israeli cantaloupe but it looks like yours. I myself don’t eat melons of any kind but i thought i would give it a try and it was awesome. Mine was very sweet and tasty and melt in your mouth good.Too bad yours were not very good. i am saving seeds for my garden.If you want a few, I can send u a few.

      • Thanks for the comment! I don’t really like canteloupe like melons, so maybe mine was good and I just didn’t like it. We have determined that mine was either an Israeli Melon or a Charantais, the result of seeds from a seedling swap.

  2. Wow, sorry about the aphids. I am still enjoying the most freakishly pest free Spring ever. I have seen several ladybugs here and there. Even the squirrels are staying away.

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