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The Last of the Potato Harvest May 12, 2011

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I have been harvesting potatoes for a couple of weeks.   I pan fried some for company last week, although I didn’t eat them, and have given some away.

Garden Potatoes

I decided it was about time to dig up the rest of them and make way for some more cucumbers. I’m craving pickles, and my other cucumber plants are being stingy and not producing the volume I need to justify smelling up the house with vinegar.

So, I pulled up the plants, and commenced digging.   It always surprises me how deep I find potatoes, and how far away they stray from their plant.  The good thing about that is, while harvesting them, I’m also turning the soil and loosening it up for its next inhabitants.  I was happy that, during this endeavor, I unearthed lots of beneficial worms, only to have them disappear back into the soil.   Not to mention a good little quantity of potatoes:

Potato Harvest

I will turn this bed again, probably unearthing more potatoes – I always miss some – then amend it with compost and let it rest.  I have finally given myself enough garden space, that I can rotate crops and let the gardens rest for a bit, before filling them again with food crops.


6 Responses to “The Last of the Potato Harvest”

  1. Marc O. Says:

    Gorgeous, Carla. How many plants did you have?

    I’m about to do the same thing with the remainder of mine, about 18 plants. I’m not sure how I’ll consume that many potatoes. I’m sure I’ll give some away, too.

  2. Thanks Marc. I’m guessing about 12 plants or thereabouts. Not all the potatoes I planted, sprouted. In fact, mostly the Red Lasodas are what came up. I think I have had the best luck with Red Lasodas, historically. I was sweating the hail today with tons of huge tomatoes on the vine. Thankfully, I escaped it when I got out of downtown.

  3. Claudia A Says:

    One of mine is beginning to look wilty so I think I’ll pull it and harvest what’s there. I think it is a Kennebec or La Soda. I forgot to label them while I still remember what they were. Surprise potatoes! I also have a Russian fingerling and an All Blue, but those need a couple more weeks. I am excited to see what comes up. They are all in containers, so maybe I can still plant squashes after I pull them out!

  4. Let me know how they do. I’m not sure what I’ll plant in the space the potatoes occupied. Maybe more cucumbers

  5. I am jelous of your potatoes.. i had to give up growing them due to the amount of ealworm that attacked them! Those red ones of your look amazingly tatsy!

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