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First of the Season Garden Tomatoes and Peppers = Fresh Salsa May 6, 2011

In a panic on the coldest day in May, ever, I think, I panicked, and harvested 4 not quite ripe Celebrity Tomatoes from the garden.  I’m not sure what I feared from the 45 degree low forecasted, but I have been babying these tomatoes like never before, so I pulled them.  Yesterday, I harvested a bunch of peppers, too – Joe Parker’s, Poblanos, Jalapenos, Shishitos, and a Bell.

Garden Tomatoes and Peppers

Most store bought (and restaurant) tomatoes have no taste at all.  I don’t even eat them at a restaurant, if they aren’t in season.  They are worthless and without taste at all.  Fortunately, it looks like a banner tomato season for me, thankfully, and knock on wood (or composite timbers)  the peppers are rocking along as well.  I have garlic drying on the patio, and already dried garden onions in several locations.  The cilantro on the patio has bolted, but is still useable.  I think I see a Salsa session coming on this weekend.  Oh how I do love the first of the season salsa.


2 Responses to “First of the Season Garden Tomatoes and Peppers = Fresh Salsa”

  1. I will bring a bag of chips & some wine or beer!

  2. We ended up making caprese salad with them. The next round will be salsa, and I’ll take you up on that!

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