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Growing Tomatoes with the Texas Pot Method April 24, 2011

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Last Spring was a very disappointing tomato season for me.  I had horrible leaf footed bugs, and squirrels and a Mockingbird competing for my ripe tomatoes.  Last Spring, I tried to grow mostly heirlooms that didn’t produce well.  And, many of my tomatoes had blossom end rot, partly because we were getting rain, and they were over watered.

This year, I changed everything up, and it appears to be working.  I bought tomatoes in late February, which was early, and transplanted them to gallon pots in the greenhouse.  While I did buy some heirlooms, I bought mostly Celebrity and Early Girl plants.  I have around 14 plants total.

Having read about the Texas Pot Method here:, (via when I did plant them in the garden, I buried the gallon pots they were in, into the garden next to them.  I have been watering into the pots every other day, until the seepage slows down drastically.  Every couple of weeks, I toss some 8-2-4 into the pots and water it in.  I am crediting this method to my current success with tomatoes.  I picked these Stupice tomatoes a couple of days ago.

Stupice Tomatoes

This morning, I pulled this Celebrity tomato.  It is perfect! No blossom end rot.


All of my plants are covered with tomatoes, and so far, there is no sign of any pests, or blossom end rot.

Loaded plants

Tomatoes everywhere!

In other garden news, I’m still picking lots of sugar snap peas, and the peppers have really taken off.

Harvest in a Hat

The potatoes have lost their flowers, but I still think they need another couple of weeks.  I’m tempted to pull some up anyway just to see how they are doing.  Potatoes are so satisfying.


5 Responses to “Growing Tomatoes with the Texas Pot Method”

  1. stephanie Says:

    impressive! every year we we have the great leaf-footed bug battle until finally i give up and let them have the tomatoes. maybe i’ll try this next year!

  2. Marc O. Says:

    I’m using a buried gallon pot with one set of tomatoes in one bed, and traditional stuff with the other bed. Both areas seem to be doing pretty well, and I have loads of green tomatoes on all seven of my plants. I do have drip/micro irrigation in both beds, so I think that might make all the difference.

    And my potatoes are doing really well – I’ve stolen a few tubers from plants and found them all to be perfect and fist-sized. I had one instance of scab in 4 potatoes, but even that was minor (two blemishes).

    I am seeing lots of leaf-foots on my potato plants. I’m happy to have them stay there, though, since they can’t do much. And I’ve had a number of large hornworms already, but none on the tomatoes. All on the crossvine. Again, fine by me.

    Glad you’re getting a reprieve from all that and getting some good tomato results already! You can probably rob a few potatoes if you wanted. My plants are about 2 weeks ahead of yours, but you’d probably have golf-ball sized tubers.

    • Thanks Marc! I went back and checked, and my taters have been in the ground only around 80 days. I’ll probably give them another 20 to mature. I’m really enjoying my garden this season – much more than last Spring.

  3. Gerald Ezeanyika Says:

    I love this texas method of cultivating tomatoes.

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