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Mid April in an Austin Urban Garden April 16, 2011

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The garden is in full splendor right now, and producing lots of food, with more on the way.  I’ve eaten at least a bushel of strawberries over the last couple of weeks, and now the plants are setting new fruit.  The Chandlers have proven to be the biggest and sweetest and most prolific this year.  The Blackberries are setting fruit as well, and I expect to be eating Blackberries in the next several weeks.

The tomato plants are looking gorgeous and all 12 plants have set fruit.  Not just one tomato each, each plant has multiple bundles of tomatoes.  I think the difference may be my buried bucket root watering experiment.  I have tomatoes like never before.  Will they be stolen as they ripen like last year?  We’ll see.  I have not heard the mockingbird lately.  So far, no pests at all.

Big Garden filling out



Tiny Cucumbers

I’m going to need to plant more cucumbers, if I’m going to have enough to pickle.  Might need to get this done today.

The Jalapeno and Serrano peppers are already needing to be picked.  I tasted on last week, and it was completely devoid of heat.  I’m hoping those that I’ll pick today will at least have a little heat.  It takes hot weather to produce a hot pepper, and these are ready a bit early for that.


I planted a couple more Ancho Chiles yesterday and will be looking for different varieties at this morning’s Farmer’s Market.  I have room for more where the onions were.

I have now pulled up all but a few onions.  A big burlap bag of dried onions hangs in the pantry and this box of onions, still drying, needs to be hung up as well for long term storage.

Dried Onions

The Sugar Snap Peas are abundant right now as well, and I’ll be enjoying some of these for dinner tonight.

Sugar Snap Pea

The potatoes are huge and flowering, but I’m going to give them at least two more weeks before I start digging up new potatoes.  I’ll pull some as new potatoes, then let some mature.  The carrots need another week, and I’ll have a nice harvest of those, which I’m looking forward to.  The leeks are slow, and although they can come up at any time, I want the fat leeks I see at the markets.

This is such an enjoyable time to be in the garden, and I’m thankful for its productivity this season.  Last Spring was riddled by bugs, and squirrels and unknown beasts, and this Spring has been a pleasure.  Fingers crossed that it continues!


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