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From Inedible to Edible Landscape April 5, 2011

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A couple of weeks ago, I bought a chainsaw and took out some ugly landscaping to make way for more food gardens.   You can read about that here:

Once the offensive landscaping was gone, I came up with a plan for that side of the house, both decorative and more permanent gardens, with walkways in between and perhaps a fountain.  That plan is a ways down the road, and I needed more garden space for food.  So, I built one out of wood, which I hate to do because wood brings termites and wood ants and rots, but this is only temporary.


temporary wood garden


So, where there was once a big old schrub, now there are bell peppers, padron peppers, ancho chile peppers and watermelon plants.  This is a vast improvement.

The bigger plan involves taking out a sick old Catalpa tree, and possibly planting my fruit trees where the schrubs were.  I’d like to incorporate some recycled glass mulch from the City of  Austin into the walkways and I think the new gardens will be made of Oklahoma Stone and be about 2 feet high.  Because I’m not getting any younger!


One Response to “From Inedible to Edible Landscape”

  1. Marc O. Says:

    Sounds like a great plan you’ve come up with: walkways… fountains… stone beds… all the stuff I love about the more ornamental aspects of gardening.

    I’ve actually had decent luck with wood raised beds. Granted, none of mine are over 5 years, and eventually they will be compost. But for the extremely low cost, wood was hard to resist.

    Oh, and if you need info on that recycled glass mulch, Daphne Richards gave me the specifics of how to get it.

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