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Texas Hill Country Wine and Food Festival – Live Fire April 4, 2011

On Friday night, I attended a great event, that was part of the Texas Wine and Food Festival.  It was called “Live Fire”.  It was held at the Texas Disposal Systems Exotic Game Ranch.  I had never been to this facility, and was completely blown away at what the owners have done with, basically, a dump.   Driving in, with a carload of friends, I couldn’t believe the rolling hills of this sprawling ranch.  There were herds of all kinds of animals running around, deer like creatures, maybe antelope, ostriches, emu, and even some camels, although I didn’t see those.  Next to the parking lot, was an enclosure containing two giraffes.




I am a nature lover, so after mingling with the party guests, and eating some grilled meat, I hid my wine glass and left the party for a while to stalk the wildlife.  Next to the giraffes, there was a rhinoceros.  This was the most pre-historic creature I’ve ever seen up close.


The ranch is so big, I couldn’t get any meaningful pictures of any of the other animals with my sad camera skills, so I returned to the festivities.

There were chefs from Austin, and lots of other cities, cooking meat over fire everywhere.


Live Fire


It was a sip and stroll affair, with wine tables mixed in with restaurant stations.


Tasty bites


There was even a Top Chef contestant in attendance, Casey Thompson.  I tried to be a smooth operator, rather than a stalker, but didn’t do so well.

She actually made a delicious squash dish, with mint and goat cheese, which was one of the only vegetable dishes I had all night.

The main pavillion was mostly wine.

I didn’t get to try many of the dishes available, because I got so full so fast.


More grilled meat


As the sun set over this house, I really wanted to go explore.  It didn’t seem to be open to our party, so I didn’t.


Cool Cabin

It was a fun night, and I’m so glad I went.   And I was happy finally, to get to see the Exotic Game Ranch and would like to go back.



2 Responses to “Texas Hill Country Wine and Food Festival – Live Fire”

  1. Leonardo Patterson Says:

    I live in Miami and would like to visit your show. Your exotic meat show. When and where and what is on the Menu. Phone 3055423153

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