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Premature Onion Harvest March 18, 2011

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This year I planted my onions early, under the theory that time in the ground would translate into size.  I did not plant the purple onions this time around, because they bolted, or went to seed earlier than the others.  I’m guessing the early warmth of this late winter have confused some of my crop, and they have likewise bolted.   Once they bolt, they no longer mature, so I pull them up and just eat them as Spring onions, rather than letting them dry for later.

Pulled onions

When they go to seed, like any plant, they form a bud, which if left, would flower.


As much as I would love to have hundreds of onions to dry and store for use for the next 6 months or so, I’ll take them as nature wants me to have them.  They are delicious at this stage, fresh, bright, juicy, delicious onion flavor with little heat and none of that acrid onion taste that develops when onions sit over time.    I had some today,  sliced up raw with BBQ.

All cleaned up

As much as I hope the remainder of my onion crop hangs in there, I’m happy for these beauties and will enjoy them for days to come.


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