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Simple Lamb Dinner March 17, 2011

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For some reason, the word “Lamb” is evocative of some elaborate affair that takes hours to prepare.  It doesn’t have to be.  I have learned that I cannot plan my meals in advance down to the day, because plans change and sometimes I don’t want what I have pre-planned to cook.  This evening, I had at my disposal, thawed Lamb Chops from Smith and Smith Farms, and an almost thawed whole 5 pound chicken, also from Smith and Smith.  I got home at 6:00, so clearly it would be the lamb.

I fired up the grill, then came inside with some garden mint.  I chopped the mint with some coarse salt and local pecans and then poured in some local olive oil.  I marinated the lamb chops in that mixture.


Lam Chops in Mint Marinade


While the grill came up to temperature, and the lamb marinated, I sliced some of my not quite mature garden onions, and trimmed the leaves off of some Johnson’s Backyard Garden Broccoli.    I stuck the lamb on the hot grill, then sauteed the onions in some Texas Olive Ranch Olive Oil until tender.  When I turned the chops, I could tell they were cooking quickly, so I tossed the broccoli into the onions.

The lamb was ready in about 13 minutes on a hot grill, so I pulled it off.  I plated the broccoli and onions and topped them off with a dollop of Pure Luck Black Pepper Chevre and served that alongside the lamb.


Quick Lamb Dinner

Sometimes dinner feels like such a monumental chore.  It really doesn’t have to be with a bit of thought and planning.  I need to keep reminding myself of that!




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