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Seedling Exchange, Potluck, Birthday Party March 8, 2011

The concept for this particular event was inspired by my friend Claudia’s fretting over the number of vegetable seeds in a packet, and desire not to waste them.  Even if we each didn’t have limited garden space, no one really needs 30-50 of any one plant.   So, we conspired to invite some like minded gardening folks over, for cocktails, good food, and an exchange of our excess seedlings. And we decided to do this on Cecilia’s birthday.  This seems to be the age of swapping, so it made sense.  Unfortunately, Claudia did not get to come, so we’ll be swapping again soon.

I planted Padron Peppers, Hibiscus Tea, Joe Parker Peppers, Peacevine Tomatoes, Black Krim Tomatoes, Jalapeno Peppers, Alpine Strawberries and Rosa Bianca Eggplant, and did my best to get my greenhouse, long since damaged by high winds and poor construction, in working order.

This was a potluck, and I ordered a fabulous Antonelli’s Cheese Plate.  They know what I like, and they make the plates so beautiful, they are perfect for parties.

Antonelli's Cheese Plate

Everything on the cheese plate was perfect, and there was much discussion about some of the interesting flavors and wrappings on the cheeses, and the plate in general. 

MM Pack, food writer extraordinaire, and chef, brought some delicious stuffed mushrooms and some outstanding pumpkin bread with brie which was delicious. Check our her article Japan’s Gift in the current issue of Edible Austin.

Delicious stuffed mushrooms

It was Cecilia’s birthday, and Pattie  brought not only warm, amazing bread from the new pastry chef, Mark Chapman at Monument Cafe,

but the Cafe’s delicious chocolate pie.  I accidentally started slicing before I snapped the photo.

Monument Cafe Birthday Pie

Cecilia, the birthday gal, brought over some delicious Pure Luck Dairy chevre.

After chowing down and talking for several hours, we headed outside for our seedling swap.  My Virgo contribution is labeled and lined up in rows. Not all of my seedlings came up, so some remain in the Greenhouse.

My seedling contribution

Seedlings up for grabs

Renee brought some 4th generation Purple Cherokee Tomato Seedlings.  That takes some dedication, and I am treating my seedlings with care.  Renee also brought a new friend, (new to me) Iris who was absolutely delightful.  Iris brought beet seedlings and Mexican Feathergrass.  Addie brought some very interesting tomato seeds, and some saved Armenian Cucumber seeds, amongst others. Pattie brought some mache and other greens.

We had a wonderful time, and we all ended up with some seeds we may not have started ourselves.  It was an interesting way to kick on the Spring Gardening season.


4 Responses to “Seedling Exchange, Potluck, Birthday Party”

  1. Claudia A Says:

    I am so mad that I had to miss this. I have seedlings emerging finally, so will have swappables soon. If there were any left I’d love one of renee’s purple cherokees, but if no, no worries. Hope to see you soon!

  2. I saved you some everything! We need to get together soon.

  3. Iris Says:

    That was so fun–thank you! I really enjoyed meeting everyone in person, eating such great food, and swapping goodies. And it did kickstart me into gear for my newest spring/summer vegetable beds. Woo-hoo!

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