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The Time Between Winter and Spring in an Austin Urban Garden March 4, 2011

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I think Austin should have more than 4 defined seasons.  There is always this time when it feels like Winter has left us and Spring is here.  We flock to the nurseries to purchase our tomato seedlings and feel that eager itch to get our hands dirty.  But we know, history being that factual reminder that Spring might not have sprung just yet, and we wait for one last freeze.  Around my house, all evidence points to Spring.  My peach tree is putting on gorgeous blossoms.  Perhaps this year I’ll get to the peaches before whatever critter always robs me of them.


Peach Blossoms


The Lime Tree is budding like crazy, making me ever hopeful for lots of limes.


Lime Tree blossoms


The onions and elephant garlic are starting to tempt me to pull them, they are so big.  But, then I wouldn’t have fully matured onions to last for months.


Onions and Elephant Garlic


The Sugar Snap Peas have come up and will need their trellis soon.  The carrots are up too, although I may have planted those a bit late.  We shall see.


Sugar Snap Peas


The Leeks are rocking right along.  They are a bit slow for my liking, I’m ready for leeks.




There is still plenty of lettuce.  And the strawberries are flowering like crazy!


Lots of lettuce


There is some spinach in there too.


Strawberries very soon


The potatoes are not up yet, but I accidentally (or not) unearthed one and it had formed quite a root structure.

So, with the Saturday night low expected to be 39, the tomatoes which I have transplanted into 6 inch pots, remain in the greenhouse, along with the sprouted seedlings.


Tomatoes in the Greenhouse


Here they will stay, probably for another 2 weeks, depending on the weather forecast.  For the dedicated bed, I purchased a soil sample kit and tested the ph.


ph test


It tested around 6.5 which is slightly acidic.  I think most plants like slightly acidic conditions, but I’m going to do some research about tomatoes, because I’ve never tested my soil, although I am a serial soil amender.

As I sit here, I’m expecting several gardening friends to show up for a seedling exchange.  I had lots of success, so I have lots to share.  I’m looking forward to seeing what the others will bring!


My contributions to seedling exchange.

I have always thought one of the best parts of gardening is sharing the fruits of our labor.  It does make sense to share seedlings, because no one needs 50 pepper plants.  But, it is quite labor intensive, at least the way I did it.  I planted the seedlings in trays, then transplanted them into 4 inch pots.  Time consuming, yet rewarding.



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