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Stuffed Local Quail, with Rice and Spinach March 1, 2011

For my Oscar dinner, I decided to make quail.  I had some local quail from Farmhouse Delivery, I just couldn’t decide how to cook it.  Trying to remember what the stuffed Dai Due Quail was stuffed with, I hemmed and hawed between stuffing them and wrapping them in bacon and grilling.  So, I decided to stuff them with Kitchen Pride mushrooms, Spring onions and thyme.  So I cooked the mushrooms and onions in butter and white wine with garden thyme.

Mushrooms, onions, thyme, white wine, butter

Once this mixture had cooled, I mixed in a bit of Porcini Oil from Con O’lio, the commenced stuffing the quail with it.  Knowing the quail should be seasoned dry for a crispier skin, I drizzled a bit of the Porcini Oil on them too, because I couldn’t help it.  That olive oil is so delicious.  Then I put them in a 375 degree oven.

I also made some Lowell Farms Brown Jasmine Rice, and sauteed (then oversalted) some Springfield Farms spinach.   And this was my Oscar dinner.

Stuffed Quail Dinner


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