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Yard Food February 23, 2011

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Not all from my yard, but from someone’s!   I had a craving for egg salad, and fortunately I had delicious eggs gifted to me by my friend Pattie Meyers, who is in charge of the local sourcing, and new garden project at Monument Cafe and Monument Market in Georgetown.  And I have a garden full of lettuce and a pantry full of pickles.

Homemade Dill Picles

So, I boiled 6 eggs, for about 7 minutes.  Nothing is worse or less desirable than an over boiled egg.  That green around the yolk is disgusting.


Well cooked eggs

Just chopped eggs, pickles, salt, pepper and a little Sand Creek Farm plain yogurt because I was too lazy to make mayonnaise.  I want to taste these delicious eggs and the pickles, so mustard would have been to strong to add.  I would have added some fresh dill, if I had any in the garden.

I plucked these gorgeous lettuce leaves and rinsed them off.

Garden lettuce

They were part of a bag of mixed lettuce seeds.  They may be Speckled Romaine.

Anyhoo, that’s it!  Lunch.

Egg Salad Lunch


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