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Seeds for Sharing – Success! February 21, 2011

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I really don’t like starting plants from seed to be transplanted into the garden.  Sowing directly into the garden doesn’t bother me at all, and is a lot less labor intensive.  However, seeds are inexpensive, and transplants can certainly add up.  One week and one day ago, I planted lots and lots of seeds, for an upcoming seedling exchange.   And every morning, second only to hitting the “on” button on my coffee maker, I checked on the seeds.   I feared my laziness would render me unsuccessful – I used regular garden soil, rather than potting mix and I didn’t blend anything especially suited for seed starting.

However, I can claim some success so far!

Hibiscus Tea Seedlings

Black Krim Tomato Seedlings

Peacevine Tomato Seedlings

Only one pepper plant has come up, of the 5 flats of peppers I planted, but I am ever hopeful.  Prior to the exchange, I will transfer the healthiest of the seedlings into 4 inch pots, which I have an abundant supply of.

It is warm out, but we have 30 days left of winter, and as much as my inner gardener desires to plunge my hands into the soil and start planting like crazy, I’m going to resist for another couple of weeks, using my gardening time to condition the soil and get it ready for tomatoes, peppers, a sea of basil and all the other goodness that comes with the Spring garden.


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