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Seeds for Sharing February 13, 2011

One of my gardening friends was lamenting the fact that when planting seeds, there are always so many leftover.  No backyard gardener really needs 50 jalapeno pepper plants, although for this heat lover, that is a tempting proposition.  So, we decided to plant lots of seeds, then in early Spring, get together and exchange seedlings.  I finally got mine planted today.

I used several vehicles for planting, paper cups, 4 inch pot trays, which Sledd Nursery gave me, and 4 inch pots leftover from purchasing transplants.

Inprovised seed trays

I laid out all the seeds I was considering.


I didn’t get all those listed above planted, I ran out of space.  I filled the trays, cups, and other assorted vessels with garden soil amended with Microbial Earth Compost and got to work.  This time, I carefully labeled the seeds, which I usually fail at.  Since they will be exchanged, this will be important.

Although the greenhouse is in horrible disrepair, with this warm weather, I put them on shelves in the greenhouse.

Planted Seeds in the Greenhouse

And More Seeds

More Seeds

I planted things I want to eat, Jalapeno peppers, Joe Parker peppers, Ancho Poblano Peppers, Padron Peppers (a new variety for me), Black Krim Tomatoes, Peacevine Cherry Tomatoes, Rosa Bianca Eggplant, Alpine Mignionette Strawberries, and Hibiscus Tea.

Once I started digging around in the dirt, I felt compelled to start planting herbs and other Spring time things.  I resisted the temptation to fill up all the pots on my patio, since it is still February.  The possibilities of Spring are so exciting and tempting.  I’m looking forward to filling up my garden with the things I love to eat, heirloom tomatoes and peppers, but it is a little early for that just yet.  Spring will be here soon enough.


3 Responses to “Seeds for Sharing”

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  2. Claudia A Says:

    Yay! excited about all these plants. The flu kept me from planting mine over the weekend but today I feel better and I hope to have mine planted by Saturday. Once I do I’ll post on my blog so we all can start cross-blogging this project. Hurray spring!

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