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Delicious Grass Fed Beef from One Girl Farm February 10, 2011

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I love Boggy Creek Farm.  When everyone was live tweeting their horrible Christimas Eve and Thanksgiving Eve shopping experiences at the grocery store, I was shopping peacefully, amongst the chickens and friends, in a glorious setting.  They have the list of non-farm products on their website, but I had been eyeing a newcomer to their farmstand, One Girl Farm.  Alongside the Thunderheart Bison, and Alexander Farm meats in the freezers, there was One Girl Farm.  “No compromise, humane and grass fed.”  I have had some less than great experiences with some grass fed beef, so I picked a chuck roast with plans to cook it in the slow cooker for hours, on a cold day.

One Girl Farm

If Carol Ann Sayle says its is good, I trust her without hestiation.  And it was delicious.  After cooking it on low in a little beef stock wine and onions, it was so fork tender, I had a hard time getting it out of the cooker.   It was beyond tender and full of delicious flavor.  I took a picture, but lately my pictures have looked like James Lileks’ Gallery of Regretable Food, and I don’t want to turn anyone off this delicious beef.   There is information on her farm on her website.  She obviously cares about her cows, and that makes me happy.  I love this picture from her website:

One of her cows having a salad.

It appears that Boggy Creek is the only Austin location you can get One Girl Farm beef.  I’m a fan!  Based on my chuck roast experience, I will try other cuts that do not require slow cooking.  I suspect they will be delicious.

For other goodness, visit    Boggy Creek  Farm is one of my favorite spots on Earth.


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