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Potatoes in the Ground and Leeks all Around February 6, 2011

I wanted to plant my potatoes early this year, but didn’t get them in the ground quite as early as I wanted.   I was trying to follow Boggy Creek Farm’s lead this time around, as they were shooting for late January for spuds.  I chose the back half of one of the 4x8x12 raised beds for the potatoes, and since I seem to be obsessed with leeks lately, I decided to use the often unused outer portion of the garden for more leeks.  So, I planted Red LaSodas and some smaller variety I got from Johnson’s Backyard Garden that I’d had in a bag in a dark place for several weeks.

I had already worked a bag of compost into the soil, (mine will never be ready if I keep adding to it).  So I laid out the potatoes, and began planting the leeks around them.

Preparing to plant potatoes

I did orderly rows last time, and seemed to have too much unused space in between.  So, I just tossed them out and planted them where they landed.  No more order around here!

You can’t really see very well because they are planted so deep, but this 4×4 section has leeks planted all around.

Perimeter of Leeks

I also decided to try carrots again, although I’m normally not patient enough for carrots.  I love these rainbow carrots from Botanical Interests.

Rainbow Carrots

I think they really are called Carnival Blend.  The bag says they are hardy to 25 degrees, so well see how that goes.  Hopefully I planted them deep enough not to come up for a couple of weeks.  I’m letting the front of that garden rest, after supporting a heavy broccoli crop, it deserves some down time.  I fortified it with some Live Tea from Sledd Nursery on West Lynn.

The leeks I planted a couple of weeks ago look good.  I gave them a shot of 8-2-4 and a good watering.

I must say, it was a gorgeous morning for gardening, and really hard to believe I was plunging my hands in soil that was moistened from melted snow.  Texas Gardening at its best.  My next task, starting seeds indoors for a seed exchange in early March.


6 Responses to “Potatoes in the Ground and Leeks all Around”

  1. Marc O. Says:

    looks great, carla! i like the devil-may-care potato arrangement.

    i got my ‘taters in the ground the sunday before the freeze – not sure how much that helped. still no sprouts. but i did traditional furrows, and they are in the ground, not a raised bed. I worked in a pickup load of Nat. Gard. turkey compost.

    as for the rest of it, the christmas light strings did the trick. as far as I can tell, nothing even got nipped. and my experience was similar to what you noted, mainly that a few things even seemed to sprout under the covers. In my case, my strawberries did some noticeable growing.

    • You know, I actually hate rows and they seem wasteful, so devil-may-care from now on. Yours may take a while to come up, I learned that the hard way, and had a difficult time resisting the urge to poke around down there for signs of life. I’m glad your Christmas lights worked, I may have to try that next time. That’s cool that your strawberries grew, I was afraid that my incessant covering deprived my plants of light for too long, so I’m going to stick to row covers from now on. Thanks for the comments!

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  4. Charis Says:

    Hello there! I was curious if you know of any local companies who would build a raised garden for me and fill it with soil? I really want to start a garden this year, but with 3 small kids don’t have much free time to do the prep work!

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