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Cold Weather Slow Cooking February 4, 2011

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For me, when the weather is cold, I want hot comfort food, cooked slowly throughout the day and a house filled with delicious aromas.  This cold snap was well predicted, so I stocked up on the things I wanted to slow cook.  Yesterday, it was Thunderheart Bison Short Ribs, braised in red wine and thyme.

After work downtown, then lunch at Haddington’s, I came home and pulled out my short ribs.


Thunderheart Bison Short Ribs


The key to braising, is browning the meat first.  The caramelization is what flavors the dish and adds depth.


Seared Bison Short Ribs


Next, I piled the ribs back into the Emile Henry dish, covered them with red wine, added garlic, leeks, and thyme.  It was nice having my herbs in the house to keep them from freezing.  I covered the pot and put it in a 300 degree oven for the rest of the afternoon.  After about 2.5 hours, I turned them down to 250.  By dinner time, the ribs had fallen off the bones completely and were fork tender.

I had an unopened container of Arborio Rice from Rice Select in Alvin Texas, in the pantry.  I have never made risotto, but after watching Top Chef re-runs in the afternoon, I was inspired to try to make mushroom risotto.  I cut up some baby bellos from Kitchen Pride at the SFC Farmer’s Market, and sauteed them with green onions, also from the farmer’s market.


Sauteed Mushrooms and onions


I pulled out the homemade stock, white wine, and started preparing to make the risotto, then the doorbell rang and I got distracted from my cooking, with company.

So, I abandoned the risotto plan, and dumped some leftover rice into the mushroom mixture, added some Mushroom Sage Olive Oil from C’on Olio, and called that my side dish.  It was good enough to make again.

So, my slow cooked, winter dinner, was Wine Braised Bison Shortribs, Mushroom Rice, and Steamed Garden Broccoli with Parmesan.


Slow Winter Dinner

I still have not been to the grocery store, so I guess that makes Day 399.



2 Responses to “Cold Weather Slow Cooking”

  1. Marc O. Says:

    How did your garden fare?

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