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Cold Weather Cooking, and Freeze Warning February 2, 2011

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I have what I think is a combination cold, plus allergies. I can’t figure it out.  But, on this the first of several record breaking cold days to come, I spent a great deal of time outside, trying to protect my beloved onions, garlic, strawberries and leeks.  Everything else can be replanted and grown in no time – these are the slow growers and they need protection to make it through the cold.

So, I covered everything, then covered the onions, garlic and strawberries with a second layer, then eventually, put full on blankets over the onions and garlic.

To comfort my frazzled, freeze gardened nerves, I drank my lunch.  Not what you think, I defrosted homemade chicken broth and made tortilla soup, with farmer’s market tomato and onions, and blue corn tortillas from the Triangle Farmer’s market.

For dinner, I was anxiously awaiting the Dai Due Gumbo that I got on Saturday, and froze.  It was delicious over Lowell Farms Jasmine Rice.

Gumbo dinner

Next, I decided to make breakfast for the next few days.  So I chopped up some farmer’s market green onions, with some Kocurek Czech bacon, threw in some Smith and Smith Farms eggs, and a couple of gifted eggs, then poured that over the onion mixture.  I grated half a pound of white cheddar from Full Quiver, to top it all off.

Quick Quiche, sort of

Local Quiche Lorraine, sort of


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  1. Mmmm. Looks delicious!

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