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Serious Freeze Coming Our Way, Prepare the Garden January 31, 2011

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When the weatherman says it is going to get down to 29 or 30, I don’t worry so much about covering the garden, because I live in Central Austin, surrounded by houses and structures and I think I don’t get as cold as the most dire warnings.  But this time around, we are predicted to be as low as 18, and below freezing for several nights in a row.

In preparation for this big freeze, tomorrow, early afternoon (I’m waiting on the rain) if it hasn’t rained substantially, I will soak the gardens before covering them.  And, where in a much lighter freeze, I’d leave the lettuce, broccoli and cabbage uncovered, I’m going to harvest the broccoli to make way for the potatoes, harvest some lettuce then cover the rest.  I’m covering everything this time, onions, leeks, lettuce and strawberries.

The fruit trees that reside in pots on the patio, will be moved into the garage for the rest of the week as will the herbs on the patio.

Take some precautions, light a fire in the fireplace and make some soup, it is going to be bone chilling cold.


6 Responses to “Serious Freeze Coming Our Way, Prepare the Garden”

  1. Marc O. Says:

    Thank you for the reminder that most of my herb garden is mobile. It is now stowed in the garage. For some reason I’d forgotten that, and had planned to just cover it.

  2. I’m glad to be of help! I’m really stressing about my two onion and garlic beds. They are double covered but 16 degrees, yikes! My onions look better than ever before, so if I can keep them from freezing, I think I’ll have the best crop ever. Fingers crossed.

    • Marc O. Says:

      Yeah, I’m stressing about it, too. I *just* planted potatoes, strawberries, blackberries and a whole bunch of seeds, and my onions look great, too, as do the carrots and radish sprouts.

      I’m hoping to cover after the rain (I think there’s a window after it stops raining where it will still be well above freezing), as I’m not sure how good the covers will be if wet and iced over. I’m also placing 5-gallon jugs of hot water under many of the covers, and am considering running a couple cheap clip lamps under another couple, which I obviously can’t do until after it stops raining. Hopefully the warm air from the past few days will have warmed the ground enough to allow residual heat radiation, and the proximity to the sides of my brick house will protect the onion/carrot beds I have (more heat storage in the brick, hopefully, as well as it being a fairly protected area.

      Glad I don’t have chickens yet. My wife would move out if I had to move them into the house, too.

  3. Dana Says:

    I don’t know if anyone can help but I’m worried about tonights freeze. My beets look wilty, what can I do?

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