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Chinese New Year Hot Pot Party January 26, 2011

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That’s a bit of a mouthful, but on Sunday, I was invited to celebrate the Chinese New Year with friends, hosted by my friend Jennie. I arrived early to see how this whole party would come together, and try to educate myself on the “Hot Pot” experience which was new to me.

So, it starts with several simmering pots of broth and napa cabbage and mushrooms.

Simmering base of the Hot Pot

There were several simmering Hot Pots, available for the guests to assemble their meal from the assortment of protein items and vegetables placed around.  Cellophane noodles were available, then Jennie made an amazing sauce to mix in with the entire bowl.  Each guest picked out his food items, dropped them in the Hot Pot until cooked, then fished out his own, and ate.

There was a wide variety of items that could be included in the Hot Pot, fish balls, pork balls, seaweed balls (that one should ease your dirty mind), fish cake, Krab with a K, squid, shrimp, chicken, beef and whatever else others brought.  I brought a big Pak Choi from my garden.

All manner of balls

Fish cakes and rice cakes

I simmered some shrimp, beef and cellophane noodles for my dinner and topped them with Jennie’s delicious sauce, that was equally sweet, tart, salty and really flavorful mixed in with the noodle/meat mixture.

The sauce made the meal

And my friend Shelly brought sesame, plum jam macarons.  She is a skilled and extraordinary baker, and that’s what she does and they were delicious.

Toasted Sesame Macaroons

It was a fun celebration of the Year of the Rabbit.  As an ode to the Chinese New Year, I have vowed to eat more rabbit this year.  Because I need to learn how to cook it and I love it so.  Rabbit is delicious..

Happy New Year!


3 Responses to “Chinese New Year Hot Pot Party”

  1. Optimista Says:

    Whoaaa. I missed some of Shelly’s macarons?!? Sad wabbit.

  2. You did and they were beautiful, as is everything she does.

  3. Claudia A Says:

    I also want to do more rabbit! Have asked my mom for her recipes, she makes two kinds and I love them. Will keep you posted!

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