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Vegetable and Fruit Planting Guide for Febuary, Zone 8, Austin January 24, 2011

It’s cold and dreary, but it’s also time to get moving!  The Spring gardening season will be here before you’ve packed away your sweaters – don’t let it catch you behind.

February is a great time to start preparing your raised garden beds for spring by turning the soil, working in compost, and organic fertilizer.   I’m partial to worm castings and Ladybug 8-2-4.


Strawberries (strawberry transplants are everywhere)

Bareroot blackberries and raspberries


Fruit trees (fruit trees do well in containers)

Vegetable and herb Seeds

Beets, broccoli, carrots, chard, collards, endive, kale, kohlrabi, leeks, lettuce, mustard, parsnip, peas, seed potatoes, radishes, rutabaga, spinach, shallots, turnips (Renees Garden Seeds has some interesting rainbow varieties of carrots and beets)

(Dixondale Farms is still shipping Lancelot leeks)

Vegetable plants

Artichoke, asparagus, asian greens, broccoli, cabbage, chard, collards, lettuce, mustard greens, onions, spinach

Herbs (just the cold hardy ones for now)

chives, dill, fennel, parsley, oregano and thyme.  If you can find a bay plant, I highly recommend getting one – I’ve been putting a bay leaf in all of my winter stews and soups

Seeds indoors

For the next few weeks, it is time to start tomatoes and peppers indoors, so order your seeds!

I like



and for onions and leeks

Try something new!  I haven’t decided what new things I’m going to try just yet, besides the leeks I planted yesterday.


2 Responses to “Vegetable and Fruit Planting Guide for Febuary, Zone 8, Austin”

  1. Claudia A Says:

    Hey Carla,
    I found all the seeds I needed at Natural Gardener! They even had watermelon radishes so I got ’em and planted them yesterday. We’ll see…
    Got two kinds of tomatillos and three kinds of tomatoes to start as seedlings for our exchange, too!

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